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「 薬売り 」

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  1. moffit
    06-13-2009 - permalink
    Must have been running through the tap mine on Pearl. XD
  2. moffit
    06-13-2009 - permalink
    I did it~ While I was uploading the pic I pm'd you:

    Deathcall: o.O

    lols. x3
  3. Renard
    06-13-2009 - permalink
    Veily is.../drools..
  4. Raja
    06-13-2009 - permalink
    I demand a super deluxe mint chocolate chip Sunday the way I like it, but fried and perfect, and there's some other things to it as well, but I don't feel like saying what all. I also want Aion out, lamers to let go of their e-penors, and for the old people at work to stop being such picky brats.

    *Claps hands.* Well hop to it!
  5. BubbleMistress
    06-12-2009 - permalink
    -poke- owo
  6. Ovary
    06-12-2009 - permalink
    ;w; Of course we do! There should be one of me in every city!
  7. Drakii
    06-12-2009 - permalink
    Seit 17:00 wird zurückgeschossen! :3
  8. BeanMarine
    06-11-2009 - permalink
    !!! It keeps changing. But this dragon is pretty. He has a nice gradient going on. But--yeah--VOCALOIDS!! Slashable characters! I was trying to explain to my friend the appeal of yaoi... that didn't go so well. He probably just thinks that I'm even more weird. le sigh.

    Ew, webpage-drama. I think MT has scarred me for life, 'cause I really can't stand any of that kind of drama without thinking about the ban-hammer spammage *cringe* I hope that high school kid gets his lunch money stolen!! DOUCHEBAGGERY!!!
  9. BeanMarine
    06-11-2009 - permalink
    Oh O_O; Well, last time I was lurking you had a dragon sprite. But now it seems that you have those slashable characters--the ones that you lectured me about 'cause I didn't know who they were Q__Q like... gackito or something. Gackuto... gakumoto--wargh!

    Luckily my wall is basically dead! Yay for living on the downlow, haha.

    7 hours download isn't that bad. If you download dragonica before you sleep, it should be done by the time you wake up! Unless you're like me and only get 5 hours of sleep, in which case you'll still be downloading by the time your alarm goes off *shakes fist* -_-
  10. BeanMarine
    06-11-2009 - permalink
    VEEEEEIL. Even though you changed your name, I recognize your dragon sprites--heheh :B

    Dragonica is fun so far. I'm used to the point-and-click kind of fighting system, so comboing is really for me at the moment ;__; I keep missing the monsters, bleh. Hahaha, yeah, I try to drag people to play with me. A part of me misses the summer before college, where we all played Trickster, so I try to recreate that feeling again through other mmos. Though what's lost is probably gone for good--everybody's grown up q__q chances are I'll probably stop playing Dragonica pretty soon, since my summer classes begin this monday, bawww.

    It must be weird to cut ties with someone and still see them post around the forum :< I don't know what happened during my absence, but hopefully you two can reconcile! Awkward tension is awkward~

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