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  1. WhatThePhuc
    09-29-2008 - permalink
  2. K1
    09-29-2008 - permalink
    Mini Blog ftw~
  3. LiLMewmew
    09-29-2008 - permalink
    o_o :x
  4. Kotarou
    09-29-2008 - permalink

    September 29, 2008
    "There is an up higher than up, but at the very top, down is all there is."

    Hello there. This is just a test post, but the point of this post is actually for me to break out of the mold that Profile posts are just messages. Allow me to turn this into a mini-blog (since we normal members don't have mmog blogs).

    1. Zaregoto I: The Kubikiri Cycle
    I love this book. It just has the right amount of mystery and foreshadowing thrown in, including unresolved plotholes to keep you crying for more. And when you've finally finished reading this book, the first thing you'll do is "OMG, I want the second one!". If you're a mystery/anime enthusiast, take a swipe at this book. I heard it's almost as good as Gosick, but since I haven't read Gosick, I can't say myself.

    Summary(slightly modified from the back of the book): On a small, deserted island in the Sea of Japan, is the Wet Crow's Feather Island. There, the exiled Akagami Iria lives with her maids. She, an outcast of the Akagami Foundation, has been living at the island for the past 5 years - but not alone, as she has also invited the best minds of Japan to come and stay with her.

    In other words, if you can't go to them, get them to come to you.

    19 years old, Ii-chan, and his best friend, the computer genius, Kunagisa Tomo, come to the island, and they are surrounded by a genius chef, genius fortune-teller, genuis scholar, and a genius artist. Right about then, Ii-chan is intellectually overmatched.

    However, a strange locked-room murder takes place, and the whole island is sent into shock. Ii-chan also discovers that he does, in fact posses a little bit of ingenuity himself - the ability to find out what is real: and what is not - Who is who they claim to be...and who is a killer.

    2. mmog: The Visual Novel
    I have to admit. Development is going a little slower than I expected. Assignments and shit keep piling up, and when I think I'm about free to do something, something else crops up.

    At any rate, I certainly hope I'll be done before January 2009. Wish me luck.

    3. Yggdra Union (PSP)

    This is a nice game I picked up out of boredom. I finished the GBA version, but I heard the PSP version has some nice extras (and voices!) like redrawn sprites.

    Yggdra Union's combat system isn't really a "combat system" per se - how well you do in battle depends on your unit placement and the strength of your unit. Certain units work well against others (ie. Axes beat the crap out of Spears), and the same goes for elements.

    For those who love strategy games, I highly suggest you give it a go.
  5. K1
    09-28-2008 - permalink
    New Avatar?!1111
  6. antonie
    09-28-2008 - permalink
    anyway urs and whatthepubd is the best
    Maybe my profile not good enough ._.
  7. antonie
    09-28-2008 - permalink
    congratulation u are the temporary winner ATM @@
    i am jealous D:
  8. LiLMewmew
  9. LiLMewmew
    09-26-2008 - permalink
    i put mah post ere' o-o
    so yeah, preferably shoujo. magic added is nice, but its optional :x.
    I want to see Kamichama Karin Chu in anime though, but probably won't be out until Spring or Summer T___T
  10. LiLMewmew
    09-26-2008 - permalink
    hi, i need new anime / manga plz. ;DDDD

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Posted 10-18-2008 at 12:08 AM by Kotarou Comments 5
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Lt. Blingz: Check this out man... the new iPhone 3g's gonna release in Malaysia soon!
Kotarou: Yeah, but seriously how many people actually use the 3g infrastructure in Malaysia.
Silver: He's got a point there.
Kotarou: Look at me. My phone is so old... the only thing I need a cellphone for is to call people and send sms... I don't even MMS...
Lt. Blingz:...

Posted 10-16-2008 at 02:41 AM by Kotarou Comments 5
Posted in Malaysian Life

Silver: Yo dude, 'sup.
Kotarou: Stupid assignments. Yeah.
Silver: IT Law? Presenting on Friday, right?
Kotarou: Yeah, some defamatory thing. Anyway, how was your friend's wedding?
Silver: Was cool. Big diamonds are big.
Kotarou: Speaking of diamonds... Today's Mix.FM topic was "Are Diamonds really a girl's best friend?"
Silver: Well I dunno...

Posted 10-09-2008 at 03:07 AM by Kotarou Comments 6
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Names have been changed. e.

: Good Morning, Alisha.
Alisha: Ohayou, Kou-kun.
Kotarou: Here, have a drink. What's up today?
Alisha: Thanks. The juniors are just prepping for orientation nite tomorrow, so yeah, I've gotta check on them after this.
Kotarou: I see. Hmm... actually, I heard an interesting "debate" of sorts over today - the question...

Posted 10-06-2008 at 03:31 AM by Kotarou Comments 4
Posted in Malaysian Life

More holiday entries for the win! This time, I'm taking you guys to Langkawi Island, the Isle of Legends, tax-free Chocolate, Alcoholic drinks, Cars, and cheap, cheap, Seafood.

Yes, tax-free chocolate (and alcohol, for you drinkers.). I could buy two Mars bars here at the measly price of RM2. That's normally equivalent to nearly ONE Mars bar outside, and then some.

At any...

Posted 10-05-2008 at 12:44 AM by Kotarou Comments 5
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October 05, 2008

Grats to Cath for managing to successfully "beg" (lol) for this feature to be implemented! XD Hurrah~
Pita Ten, The Light Novel
Not sure how many of you guys have read/watched Pita-Ten before (by Koge Donbo), but while the manga/anime had a little too much quirkyness in it, the light novel is far more heartwarming.

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Very true -_-;
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