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Conversation Between kmelfina and ArturiaPendragon
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  1. ArturiaPendragon
    I never super anything, ahaha. ._. I think Actoz were expecting that the people would have super hax equips as well as spammable pots as you are more than 120+ or so.

    Mmm? More destruction? O_O And are the third Job Quests really out already? And well... I guess that's what they say, but that depends on lag and equips D:
  2. kmelfina
    09-20-2010 - permalink
    I'll take whatever comes buy. Thought about supering equips, but they're inflated. What's left is to raise Ely to burn. I could just hit Lv 32 Dura Tech Weapon Crafting to have 90% on Lv 110 equips.

    I like Colisseum, more destruction once 3rd Jobs come out. 1st things first: complete the gruesome 3rd Job quests, makes the ss5 coins like a walk in the park (or so I've heard).
  3. ArturiaPendragon
    Ohhh 8DDDD I see, I see, WB to LaTale~ Glad to see everything went more smoothly for you there. What did you end up thinking about in the end? ovo/ *hug hug*
  4. kmelfina
    09-20-2010 - permalink
    *checks up on your rep post*

    Well, I took a month break thus installing LT. CA was awesome to relax and think of life + getting things straight. By the time I had to leave for VA, decided to re-install since I gained my sanity back.

  5. kmelfina
    06-26-2010 - permalink
    Thanks~ It will be a long one, the decision was something I had to make for the best.
  6. ArturiaPendragon
    BYE KMEL...

  7. ArturiaPendragon
    Yeah I saw that story. Good luck with recovery. =( And thanks~
  8. kmelfina
    08-24-2009 - permalink
    Happy B-day! I read your thread in the Rant Forum... I'm from OGP, and well... banned from the Forum but not the game itself... I was stupid enough to give away my password to an impersonator (well he did well in manipulating my responses fooling me), so I'm banned for giving away my password (I would never give it away to a GM impersonator, but since it was a "friend", yeah... different story for that)... getting scammed and having everything taken away is just bad enough. Well I can't get Astros, and glad I didn't the day before or else the scammer would've taken that too.
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