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Conversation Between Kiara and Henreh
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  1. Henreh
    11-14-2008 - permalink
    I get my report card on monday q__q 2 bad grades and everything else is good D:

    a week break ;-;...I only get thursday and wednesday off D8! msn is getting annoying sometimes for me too D:
  2. Kiara
    11-14-2008 - permalink
    D: At least there's only one more week before Thanksgiving break for me, but my fail teachers are giving homework for that week ;-;

    orz, msn is failing, a lot of the time it won't log in, and when it does, it usually shuts down like, 3 seconds after i log in Q_____Q this is so stupid! ;-;

    D: so I'm going to try to chat with people on here o:
  3. Henreh
    11-08-2008 - permalink
    bawww don't apologize I understand ;-;. Don't stress yourself out ]: relax once in a while ;-;. School </3 Dx gl with your project and tests :3

    I'm doing fine 8D
  4. Kiara
    11-07-2008 - permalink
    D: Sorry ;-; I've been really busy lately, MSN is being retarded on my laptop too, and I've been under a lot of stress. Probably won't be getting on much this weekend either, since I have a new essay draft due Monday, a research presentation next week, and I'm getting ready for some really major tests. >_< Not to mention my parents are pissed and watching me like a hawk because I procrastinate too much and *always* have a lot of loldrama on the last few days before a project is due. :X

    I'm sorry that I didn't get to talk to you about this, and I haven't responded to your past messages D: Hope you're doing ok :3
  5. Henreh
    11-05-2008 - permalink
    I miss you :/ worried about you.
  6. Henreh
    10-31-2008 - permalink

  7. Henreh
    10-21-2008 - permalink
    get some rest and take it easy D: I have a half day tomorrow but I got a test on thursday QQ

    miss you too <3 ;-;
  8. Kiara
    10-20-2008 - permalink
    DDD: </3 walking super-long distances? ;-;

    D: I'm tired today Q___Q I didn't even feel like logging on the computer .____.

    Miss you~~ ]:
  9. Henreh
    10-19-2008 - permalink
    8 miles in 2 hours q__q

  10. Kiara
    10-18-2008 - permalink
    D: Well good luck walking tomorrow ;-; </3 being forced to do community service QQ

    Hopefully MSN will fix itself too D:

    Night~ :3 <3
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