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Conversation Between khyle and HaruhiStrawberry
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  1. khyle
    10-26-2010 - permalink
    Haruhi quit ? aww sorry i didnt get the time to pick it up sooner T__T
  2. khyle
    12-01-2008 - permalink
    it's a school where you take courses in Japanese language proficiency
    basically how to read / write japanese,
    still their services are expensive probably cant afford their services next year D;
  3. HaruhiStrawberry
    what kind of school is that...o.o doujins..o.o
  4. khyle
    11-30-2008 - permalink
    thanks ^__^

    It's quite expensive to translate doujin to a Japanese school here in my place
    they're over charging me for each title :/

    Im short on cash right nao, so I'll just offer my idle funds at trickster XD
  5. HaruhiStrawberry
    you sounded like a undercover agent who has alot of tentacles~XD

    nyahah~i'll think about it~=3
  6. khyle
    11-30-2008 - permalink
    would you want to receive the texts only ?
    I'll remove the images to make it less offensive XD

    well if you need quick cash,
    my coffers is always ready to assist you in-game ^_^;
  7. HaruhiStrawberry

    hentai doujin.....
    let me think about it~>.<

    *no words to speak*
  8. khyle
    11-30-2008 - permalink
    oh yeah I got an offer for you, if you need money urgently
    you can translate an hentai doujin for me
    in exchange for galders

    i'll do the editing work and everything else
    you just translate the kanji scripts / dialogues
    of course you can declare your price how much you want for each doujin title
  9. khyle
    11-30-2008 - permalink
    it's not hard unlike last year,
    we got barely any work left to do due to the recession :/

    none yet, maybe my standards is too high? x__x lol
    but I do want a akabei-kei kanjo if there's one *lmfao* XD

    my friend got one, his Japanese osana najimi <3
    they got married last year, happily wedded XD
  10. HaruhiStrawberry
    thats pretty hard~~Life of adults~T__T
    i dont wanna be one~XD's supplies~?
    is it hard working at the office??o.o

    and you take care of yourself~>:O
    sleeping 1 to 2 am is really a bad habit for a adult like you~>:3

    any kanojo you have?~~<33
    hee hee~>w<!
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