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Conversation Between khyle and HaruhiStrawberry
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  1. khyle
    11-28-2008 - permalink
    day job, at the office //
    manufacturing firm garden furniture supplier for
    - Home Depot
    - the Horchow Collection
    - Bernhardt
    - Global Potteries
    - Sam's

    Night job, écchi work XD
    sleeps at 1am or 2am
    wakes up 6am
    work is at 7am D;
  2. HaruhiStrawberry
    around 7m only~~>w<
    no loot on tap 1 so it really hard to save stuff~>.<

    enough about trickster~whats the work you do Kircheis?? o.o
    related to ecchi?~ *laughs* >w<
    or ish it really work~? like the office thingie??

  3. khyle
    11-28-2008 - permalink
    waah that's sad ;~;
    how much did you lose ? :/
    i'll try to lend u assistance when i get time off from work D;
  4. HaruhiStrawberry
    I got scammed at my first attempt to buy sheepie boxes~~*cries* >.<

    i only have 16m here~~*cries*

    take care there kircheis~>w<


    im on Morphine guild currently, staying away from guildie's work~>w<
  5. khyle
    11-27-2008 - permalink
    Im poor, I probably might need to pay nyaa chan
    for the boxes I got from her i'll try to ask her if 30Mil is okay

    it's probably all the money left wif Kircheis D;
  6. HaruhiStrawberry
    yohoo~their good~>w<~~

    i havent got a sheep box yet~~kyon-kun got me a DX~>w<

    can you lend me some money~~*pities and cries* i really need it~>.<
    galders~>.< i mean~~~pleease?~ :3
  7. khyle
    11-26-2008 - permalink
    I wish I could play again sometime soon D;
    sheep boxes are out now right ?
    anything good with those ?
  8. khyle
    11-25-2008 - permalink
    nice, didnt know she's a prima nao ;D

    i'll try to find time by december, sadly i cant come anytime soon
    we'll be throwing a thanksgiving party at my workplace. so yeah busy D;

    yes,..écchi as usual lawl
  9. HaruhiStrawberry
    Updates on ChocoBerryGuild~

    ~I have been a witchie~
    ~Did you know Liezearia? She's a witchie too~<3
    ~Nyaa-chan advanced on a primadonna, she's currently learning entrancing wink to null the magies *freaks out*

    thats all~~
  10. HaruhiStrawberry
    Its okay Kircheis I understand..^^

    ah or me im trying to stop trickster~~>.< but i cant~~XD
    nyahaha~*hugs* i missed yyooouu~~

    are still the same old pervy we know~? =3

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