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Kenshiro is a jewel in the roughKenshiro is a jewel in the roughKenshiro is a jewel in the roughKenshiro is a jewel in the rough



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  1. Xerra
    05-16-2014 - permalink
    Ok then, i'll send a join request for your clan when i'm online at PSO.

    And a question, is matter board needs to be completed? I didn't complete any of it on my Ship 9's character. I just keep doing Koffie's client order and doing Arks quest all the time.

    I have completed board 1 on this Ship 1's character, though.
  2. Xerra
    05-16-2014 - permalink
    What is the minimum level requirement to join your clan? Mine is still lv. 14 as of now. It will be my main character in PSO, though. I like this character's appearance more than the one in ship 9, lol
  3. Xerra
    05-14-2014 - permalink
    Yeah, i've read about that too. Which is the reason i don't plan on staying there for too long.

    Starting my character in Ship 1 tonight! In which block do you guys usually hang out?
  4. Xerra
    05-13-2014 - permalink
    Buster, is drop rates differs between Ships? My lv. 25 Braver in Ship 9 almost never got any good weapon, while my lv. 10 Gunner character in Ship 2 got quite a lot of rare weapons. Is it just luck?

    I will start to play in Ship 1 soon, just testing out Ship 2 to see how it really looks like

    Oh and I also wanna ask, in which Block the english speaker players usually hang out?
  5. Xerra
    05-07-2014 - permalink
    I guess it's Ship 1 then!

    I'm interested in joining in, but i don't think i can be very active in PSO2. Would that be alright? Because most of the clans i know usually listed "Must be active" as one of the requirements for joining in.
  6. Xerra
    05-04-2014 - permalink
    So i decided to make an alt in another Ship. At first i was thinking about Ship 2, but then after i read a few forums, it doesn't seems like a good place to go. Is there a lot of english speaker in Ship 1?
  7. Xerra
    04-26-2014 - permalink
    Spend quite a lot in SDGO already, so i'm trying not to cash this one... if possible. Ship 9's population is average, not too full and not too little. I've met a few JP who surprisingly talks english to me. I thought the JP people in PSO2 would be like KR people in SDGO, lol

    Dunno, my clan picked that Ship, so i just followed along.
  8. Xerra
    04-25-2014 - permalink
    Ah, dangit. Me and my clan is on Ship 9. Too bad we can't move to another Ship like we move to another Block.
  9. Xerra
    04-23-2014 - permalink
    Hey Buster, so you play PSO2 as well. Which ship are you on?

    I'm starting to look for an alternative game to distract me from SDGO a little... Since i'm saving up Gs, so i'm holding myself from buying/capping MSes again. But keep playing with the same units all the time + keep playing with strangers bores me.

    I think PSO is the best distraction out there for me XD

    P.S : Silvary here, just changed my username.
  10. xConvict
    02-21-2014 - permalink
    Hello there, did ya miss me?

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Posted 07-06-2011 at 09:05 AM by Kenshiro Comments 4
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Will post screenshot after.

Here it is!


Posted 10-26-2010 at 10:42 AM by Kenshiro Comments 0
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Watch this first:

And then watch this:

Enjoy your lulz.

Posted 10-06-2010 at 08:59 AM by Kenshiro Comments 0
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Posted 09-30-2010 at 10:36 AM by Kenshiro Comments 0
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I know it's a bit late but, happy 30 years to the Gundam Multiverse!

Also, you guys might want to watch this too:

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Posted 08-07-2011 at 05:57 AM by xConvict xConvict is offline
Egh...only got to 7882.3....
Posted 07-07-2011 at 02:29 PM by Revali Revali is offline
Got up to 16k seconds....
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