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Conversation Between Jumpercable and Pharoe
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  1. Pharoe
    01-19-2010 - permalink
    Oh, you can play as a gunner in this game too, if you are interested.
  2. Pharoe
    01-19-2010 - permalink
    Server- Windus

    We usually use channel B-02

    By the way, try playing an unique job (a job we aren't using). Right now, Ichi is a wizard, Kei is a priest, I have 2 characters, Pharoe, which I'm not really using anymore since her stats are all screwed, that is an archer, and Wishey, that is my main now, that is a rogue. So yea, go get one of the other jobs nab. >;D

    Kei's IGN= iKei
    Ichi's IGN= IchiChan
    Mine= Wishey

    See you there @_@
  3. Pharoe
    06-03-2009 - permalink
    Ok bomb, Luna Online Forum • View topic - The long road to becoming a Panzer

    This thread has an interesting job pattern (the one that is being used by the op).

    I read in some other threads that the best for panzers is full STR, since they get some nice buffs to their other stats 8D

    All I found D:
  4. Pharoe
    04-29-2009 - permalink
    Make me a sub leader here nubcake~
  5. Pharoe
    11-18-2008 - permalink
    bombnab, ask the admins to move us to international guilds, since we are not only in trickster anymore

    and ask them to make me a sub so I can hax ichi's posts +_+
  6. Pharoe
    06-25-2008 - permalink
    hai nub
    ~beeeeep beeeeep boooop~
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