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Lord of the Rings Online
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Lord of the Rings Online



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  1. Kat
  2. Kat
  3. Pshfrk
    10-13-2013 - permalink
    Thanks ! I'm totally late, though x3
  4. Sanichi
    10-08-2013 - permalink
    So as you advance, combat starts to take a quicker and quicker pace. As you advance in levels for classes such as Mages or Thieves, you start to fight and cast at blinding paces. Along with that, the strategies you need to kill certain enemies advance in difficulty.

    But, the game is beyond that of course.

    You see, the main appeal for me personally in the game was exploration and WoE or War of Emperium. Basically the GvG for the game. You see, you had masses of players gather together for the common goal of capturing a castle from another guild. Or defending it if they so happened to already own it. It was a wonderful thing because of the number of roles people could play.

    I'm kinda hesitating saying anything because I'm not sure how I could capture the entire affair with words. So many parts of the game collaborate to create a greater whole.
  5. Sanichi
    10-08-2013 - permalink
    Well, I wouldn't know exactly where to begin, but I'll try to explain as swiftly as I can muster. You see, with how the stats and classes work in the game, it's hardly surprising the pass increases with each level.

    Let's take the thief class for instance, just be short and sweet. You see, attacks feel clunky at first because they are based on the stat called "Agility" or "Agi" for short; something the thief class monopolizes on.

    Presumably, as you play through the game, you will be applying stats in way that increases this stat and as you increase in attack speed, combat becomes more fluid. In addition, you'll find yourself evading more attacks.
  6. Sanichi
    10-07-2013 - permalink
    If your checking out RO for the first time, I wouldn't try it any other way than that of the original classic RO. I know it might feel stiff at first, but that's because the pace of gameplay increases with your level.

    If you want, I can tell you what I mean, but I don't want to go on about it just yet. After all, I might end up going on a long ass speech without meaning to. Just like I am now
  7. Sanichi
    10-07-2013 - permalink
    I've personally tried Ragnarok Online 2, but as someone who played the original RO I wasn't satisfied with the game.

    I personally enjoyed the content in the original game more-- Oh, if your wondering, Ragnarok Online also hosts an official classic server. That might go to show you how much people liked the first one a lot. You don't have to go out of your way to find a private server to play a classic version of the game.

    Anyway, Ragnarok Online 2. The graphics might be charming and the game is all around sound, but, it kind of makes the general RO experience generic. It's not much different from any other 3D MMO the way it is now and the original RO was just less linear.
  8. Kat
  9. Kat
  10. Kat

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terraria update needs to come already ;o; i am too excited

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I've been asked a few times so I'll just clear it up here.

I requested to be bumped down due to persistent art block and Light was amazing enough to offer me the staff assistant position so I could continue to help out with staff duties without being tied to the design team. So here I am with this amazing-looking teal! It's kind of a pain that there isn't a matching userbar for it though, but that's minor.

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So I'm going to try to make an effort to use this blog more. After all, we do need more activity in the blogs section here, right...?

So my laptop seems to be on its death bed. Last night it shut off by itself and when I tried to turn it back on, it was stuck on the loading Windows screen. Had to turn it off and on three times before it finally (and very slowly) decided to turn on.

Guess it's overheating but the screws got stuck when I cleaned it a few months ago and...
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