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Loong - The Power of the Dragon
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Conversation Between Inspiration and LifeAt12am
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  1. LifeAt12am
    10-22-2012 - permalink
    lol Okay thanks. I'll relay the message
  2. Inspiration
    10-22-2012 - permalink
    Haha, maybe I'll start around Christmas. Must reduce procrastinating for the moment ^^;. It'll be nice to see you two after so long.
  3. LifeAt12am
    10-21-2012 - permalink
    Fluffluffufffff! Airen, erm rather for you to call "Lady Ai" wanted me to ask you a question. Since we've been on Dragon Nest lately, she wanted to know if you wanted to come along for the ride and play along with us on there. If you can come up with a reply soon, that would be pleasant. ^^ By the way, have I changed much at all in the past years?
  4. LifeAt12am
    10-13-2012 - permalink
    I wandered in too. Fluff has stepped beyond reason into the green zone I'll say......
  5. Inspiration
    10-12-2012 - permalink
    Randomly wandered in, :O Black Butler
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