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Conversation Between HopeSama and Astenhof
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  1. Astenhof
    08-04-2008 - permalink
    Happy Birthday Hope! *pokes your oldness*
  2. Astenhof
    07-02-2008 - permalink
    Me too @.@ computer problems are the worst since it seems no one knows how to fix it ;__;

    I'm hoping I'll come back soon though. Really miss my friends on TO
  3. HopeSama
    07-01-2008 - permalink
    Oh my i see, that sucks lol @.@ reminds me of my old computer problems. So i had to get a new one because of it >>; i hope it doesnt happen again though lol ._.
  4. Astenhof
    07-01-2008 - permalink
    I'm doing about the same stuff as you are: absolutely nothing at all. I lost my computer about 4 months back, Windows refused to run one day, so I'm waiting not-so-patiently for my dad to hurry up and fix it. I log on Trickster every 2 weeks if I'm lucky and spend the night at a friend's house, and then I'm on for several hours.
  5. HopeSama
    07-01-2008 - permalink
    Hai ^^ yeah it has been a long time, ive been alright though. Im doing random stuff, still log on trickster and such. How about you? ive been wondering how you have been lol
  6. Astenhof
    06-30-2008 - permalink
    Hey Hope, long time no see

    How are you nowadays?
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