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Loong - The Power of the Dragon
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Hiratori is a splendid one to beholdHiratori is a splendid one to beholdHiratori is a splendid one to beholdHiratori is a splendid one to beholdHiratori is a splendid one to beholdHiratori is a splendid one to beholdHiratori is a splendid one to behold


Sora no Kiseki SC pls.

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  1. BoredomKillz
    10-14-2010 - permalink
    what how is that rude? i do not understand >:
    ITS A PINCH! ლ(= o =)

    and do you know them all?! i knew the original 150 when iw as a kid but now theres like 38476092348620967209367203 of em xD

    and ohs =( maybe im just old /never really hears anyone say it anymore either xD
  2. BoredomKillz
    10-14-2010 - permalink
    well then it seems we are at a disagreement cause i think it is =(
    ITS A PINCH! ლ(= o =)

    and wow hira face! get out more!! or maybe its just an american term xD A game basically means your best. i guess it refers to how like grade A is the best quality in a lot of things like school and foods /o/ so bringing your A game would be to bring your best shot to the game 8D
  3. BoredomKillz
    10-13-2010 - permalink
    and playing pokemon isnt nerdy?! LOL
    ITS A PINCH! ლ(= o =)

    and its all in good fun were not playing to beat each other anyways 8D OR ARE YOU!?!?!? YOU BRINGING YOUR A GAME HIRA FACE??!!?
  4. BoredomKillz
    10-13-2010 - permalink
    wow who gets a webcam to play pokemon?? we could do other stuff
    like watch anime together!!
    ITS A PINCH! ლ(= o =)

    energy cards are lame +( better to play without them and just use w/e move you want 8D
  5. ArturiaPendragon
    OTL Lazy OGP... D: How many coins is the high level one? 8DDDD

  6. BoredomKillz
    10-12-2010 - permalink
    cause its true QQ /cries at my lack of brain power =(
    ITS A PINCHI! ლ(= o =)

    lol okies lets go!! i still remember how to play too 8D although i never had the energy cards to play for real lol so me and my sister would just play without em xD
    ya only my brother had magic cards too, but he got a bunch from his friend so we would make a buncha decks with different elements and junks so it was fun x]
  7. BoredomKillz
    10-12-2010 - permalink
    wow only common sense for smarty asians like you which i am not >:
    ITS A PINCHIIII! ლ(= o =)

    and lol i have all my pokemon cards still 8D but uh yu gi oh not so much i never really had any x] stopped after the pokemon phases died xD although magic the gathering is kinda fun o3o
  8. BoredomKillz
    10-12-2010 - permalink
    wow how do you know this??
    do you own cards hira face????
    ITS A PINCHIIII! ლ(= o =)
  9. BoredomKillz
    10-12-2010 - permalink
    you have activated my trap card!! /shot
    what shall you do now?!
    ITS A PINCHIIII! ლ(= o =)

    LOL WOW!! you weirdo xD
  10. BoredomKillz
    10-12-2010 - permalink
    i do not have the correct cards to duel!!
    ITS A PINCHIIII! ლ(= o =)

    and i always watch the animes you tell me to! even if its BL, DONT YOU TRUST ME TRUST ME TRUST ME
    /breaks into song

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