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Conversation Between HikU and joshgonzo1991
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  1. joshgonzo1991
    04-27-2012 - permalink
    Top secret but in may you'll know lkl
  2. joshgonzo1991
    04-22-2012 - permalink
    Yea cant wait, everyone probably forgot about meh probably whole new guild huh? remember give your self a break after awhile you got alot of time to do paperwork ><especially if you have some starbucks
  3. joshgonzo1991
    04-18-2012 - permalink
    its alright ) i know i can see yall in may construction site? need help with ya paperwork? im beast at it and THANKS!!!!!! C:
  4. joshgonzo1991
    04-10-2012 - permalink
    where you work? food place? i wanna go omg omg omg omg guess WHAT GUESS WHAT! i try to be optimistic even in rough times..nothing else you can do right? and who wants to be all down all the time its not heathy? I GOT MY ACCOUNT BACK <3
  5. joshgonzo1991
    04-07-2012 - permalink
    I've sent an email haven't gotten a response you Ben? How's the guild been?
  6. joshgonzo1991
    04-01-2012 - permalink
    Ill try to get my account back when I get back from afganistan thanks for caring hiku!!
  7. joshgonzo1991
    11-29-2011 - permalink
    Perm banned. It was nice meeting you..see you in another escape one day~
  8. joshgonzo1991
    11-10-2011 - permalink
    there looking into it they unlocked my online account(website) you take care!
  9. joshgonzo1991
    11-08-2011 - permalink
    Yea...Im always nice a courteous, I dont account share nor curse or anything bad...I just buy alot of myshop and spend it all on myself is that so bad? they probably think im buying alot of myshop and doing something stupid with disappointing..I spent too much on that game to have me banned till 2039 and ironically in the how many years i been playing I never been banned..
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