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Conversation Between HelpingMan and Bolter
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  1. Bolter
    10-20-2008 - permalink
    Hmm, I got that problem before, though rarely, what I did was to Alt+F4 and then re-login. As for your lags, its partly got to do with TO, and it may really be your internet, you can try unplugging your router and your modem and plug them back in, or call the provider of your internet.
  2. HelpingMan
    10-20-2008 - permalink
    Exploda do you playing TO, i have problem.. listen..
    When i login to ruby/pearl it takes much time and doesnt login.
    But if it login (happening like 1 time at day) so i selecting any char and when i click "ok" to join
    it write: "Selecting Character.." and after 1 minute it says: "Fail to Login...".
    If that login (happen 1 time a day something like that) i have much of lags and i go /c because of lags.
    What can i do?
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