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Hayaka will become famous soon enough


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  1. Gaap
    10-29-2009 - permalink
    Kitty.... Yes. xD Makes me think of (the old) Britney Spears. O.o (And she's the only one without cat-ears and tail...)

    Not sure about a Lucky Star paroady... It'll take a miracle if a jTO fan did something like that and post at NicoNico... (And I can mooch it now... But if I want to upload Nico imports, I'd be best to make a new YT account...)
  2. simplyecks
    10-27-2009 - permalink
    oooh i see i see, well when u are able to get on, and ur interested you know where to message me to join =D!
  3. Gaap
    10-27-2009 - permalink
    I found it at the kTO fanart section. I like how it's animated... And such a eye-candy~ xD
  4. simplyecks
    10-27-2009 - permalink
    hmm looking for a guild eh? well i can reserve a spot for ya if ur interested in joining Ecks T.C., msg me back comment or pm w/e u like and lemme know! it'd be my first time recruiting from ggftw (i prefer mog still, ggftw sounds so fobbie to me) that is if u accept =D!!
  5. Gaap
    10-26-2009 - permalink
    I know. ^^; If it wern't for my sister's Photoshop (bundled with her tablet), I won't be able to make pretty stuff like my avis and my stat sig. ;;

    EDIT: Eh.. I thought this was cute~

  6. Gaap
    10-26-2009 - permalink
    Eh. I read your post at the offical forums that you tried to "squish" the two chibis together... So I did the favor and put them together in my Photoshop justice. Sorry no pretty text (If you want, that is...)

    Should fit.. But I believe it will still not fit at ggFTW sig space. (That's why i'm using only the stat sig and not with the irRandom sig. :S)
  7. Gaap
    10-24-2009 - permalink
    Hello Hayaka~ I hope you don't mind that I have to remove one of your mule's name off my Trickster friendlist, because I have to add "Usopsama" to the list. ^^; So.. Please forgive me once you ever get back on. ;;
  8. Gaap
    10-08-2009 - permalink
    Ah. I see~ ^^
    Yea. That be my first english PnM game. I still have Carnival, but we don't owned a modded PS2. :S

    *Sigh* Also waiting for PnM18 offical release... Next year. (As well looking forward for the PSP game~ <3)
  9. Gaap
    10-08-2009 - permalink
    I've been wondering..

    If you have a Wii, would you buy the US version of Pop'n Music? That's the game i've been talking about. I do not have a Wii yet, but i'm thinking of getting it in advance... But then again, depend on the market.. I can wait till the prices lowers down. (If stores like Gamestop still have a new/used copy...)
  10. Gaap
    09-21-2009 - permalink
    Amelie tries hard~

    And reward with a hug from Baby Sheep~ :3

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Posted 07-25-2009 at 01:11 PM by Hayaka Comments 2
Posted in Uncategorized
I am Hiatous/ almost quitting for Many reasons:

1) Non-Active/Dead Guild
2) PvP/GvG
3) Hardly anyone wants to party (yes..this goes on Ruby's side as well)
4) This game is soo MyHax Dependant >_>
5) Spammers/Beggars
6) The way it keeps giving me Exceptional Errors everytime i go to select a character
7) ****ing Ep4 makes me lag so badly that i can't do anything at the moment

I'll stop there...

I remember...

Posted 06-30-2009 at 10:16 PM by Hayaka Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
Wow..what luck i am having ^^ I bought 15 Vinosh Boxes... Well it was 10 first then at Aquarius Shop that i bought 5 more and let's see... I got just about everything except for Innerwear but that doesn't matter and within after 3 weeks is up; then that means i get a FREE SUMMER PIA PET! <3~

Upon the Bliss Box 80s; i have recieved a Staff, Shield, Hat, Accessory for 90 days O__O; and 3 Pets: 2 Kimono Rosemary and 1 Kimono Rosetta :3

I'll probly go fuse a Rosemary...

Posted 06-20-2009 at 02:10 PM by Hayaka Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
Ever since that event of 100hrs has been put in... i was going to log in my Bunny, but i've got to thinking... eh...

I gave her a lil break and went on my Sheep; XxXMelodyXxX after for so long... now i just have to get Hayaka activated soon...

Thing is... i want my Bunny to be Officially lvl215...then after that... i want to really take a break from her @_@; Not forever tho.... i need to give my Sheeps a chance to be playable and also active in the guild....

Posted 06-11-2009 at 09:00 PM by Hayaka Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
I am a happy Cat... even tho i won't get the bonuses but i am glad to have the Accessory and Book even tho i had major phail comps on it with HV ^^; I am a AP/HV Cat after all... So Accessory for HV while Belt for AP... i should try my other Innwears to see if i can get Better comps...if i do then i can just switch over :3

Need to renew my non-license and get the phone company to figure out why our phones aren't working... it's probly a bad/damaged/cut-off wire...

Posted 05-25-2009 at 01:51 PM by Hayaka Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
I have gone back to train both my Fox and my Cat... reasons that i want to get both to 3rd job and i just simply want to delete my 3rd character cuz i'm tired of lvling up Sheeps knowing that i have 2 of why a 3rd?

Not to mention that she keeps getting there is no need to continue with her on...and she's not in a guild and so... i am going to delete her but i have galder on her and i want to be able to transfer it before deleting her and that would boost up half...
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I'll agree what Val...
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I see...
Posted 07-25-2009 at 11:33 PM by Vallard Vallard is offline
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