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Conversation Between Hawnee and TeddyRockspin86
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  1. TeddyRockspin86
    05-23-2009 - permalink
    someday we will have to make a reunion once you can get TO workin again
    its sad for as long as you've been gone you're still like one of the highest lions in the game XD
  2. Hawnee
    05-15-2009 - permalink
    aww.. well TO's not working on my laptop anymore. *kicks laptop*
    so, i just play different games and i liked dragonica.
    i miss playin with you guys though.
  3. TeddyRockspin86
    05-14-2009 - permalink
    hey i forgot to tell you that me and rydia abducted you in our guild heh heh.
    thatll teach you for leaving us >:O
  4. TeddyRockspin86
    05-13-2009 - permalink
    aww that sucks. i have to say out of all my friends you were easily the coolest one you and rydia all the way heh.
    me and rydia willl miss you. oh well thers always msn.
    yeah i heard of dragonica it just came out recently maybe once i get this bunny to 400 ill join you.
  5. Hawnee
    05-11-2009 - permalink
    oh yea. xD thanks. same to you!
    btw, i think i won't be coming back to TO.
    i found another game that i kinda liked. xD

    you should try it out.
    Dragonica ;3
  6. TeddyRockspin86
    05-10-2009 - permalink
    hey dude, happy mothers day heh heh
  7. TeddyRockspin86
    03-29-2009 - permalink
    hey jaune hows school goin?
    you comin back to TO soon?
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