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Conversation Between Harlequin and Light
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  1. Harlequin
    03-22-2014 - permalink
  2. Light
    01-19-2014 - permalink
    The lv100 event can't be put off anymore. We really need these items ASAP and fortunately it won't take much longer to reach that level if you buckle down as mentioned last time.

    I've got all day today to help you reach 100 in a few hours. We have until the 22nd.
  3. Light
    12-15-2013 - permalink

    Did a list up for Mega, it can serve as a refresher for you.
  4. Light
    10-26-2013 - permalink
    Halloween Medal (Perm) is being provided today only.
    It gives +8 attack, making it the best medal you can get so far.

    Absolute belt event coming up next month.
  5. Light
    10-18-2013 - permalink
    Kanna's Active Hyper is rather OP. - It's a dark spirit aura that deals area damage every 2 seconds. It also works with another passive that deals 4 additional hits, increases drop rate, and exp.

    So wherever I walk, there's literally death behind my wake. As it's dealing 500% damage + 100% Ignore Defense + (3 of 60% passive) and remains active until I toggle it off.
  6. Light
    10-16-2013 - permalink
    The maple update and events this time are rather good.
    Triple pets for $10, Kanna got her hypers (finally), among other things.
  7. Light
    09-05-2013 - permalink
    I got some character slots with spare steam funds and the cards which you'd think are worthwhile suck pretty bad.

    You'd think the Ice/Lightning card of 0.5 magic attack per level and the pirate 2 damage per level would make a deadly combo, turns out it's literal damage meaning I gained a grand total of 415~415 damage from the cards.

    The 10 int from the lumi card gave more than that shit, god damn that was a complete waste of time.
  8. Light
    05-09-2013 - permalink
    Some things are topic sensitive so I'm sending you PM's time to time based on the content within.
    So please keep a lookout for them.
  9. Harlequin
    05-09-2013 - permalink

    ggFTW - Show Groups

    I've gotta discuss with Gina about design team because when they actually have work to do, they do it. Like, they jump on it. They just don't have any.
  10. Light
    05-08-2013 - permalink
    When you made the thread I had restored hopes over the fate of the staff, as you base activity properly I have faith you'll remove the cancer within.
    In short, I'm glad you're still a part of the team who gives a shit.

    In a way it's a good thing that Paul is gone as you can actually act on these things instead of talking to a wall as I did.
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