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Hanging by a Thread

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  1. Guiles
    07-15-2008 - permalink
    what the frick.
  2. Feeline
    07-15-2008 - permalink
    A man, called Bob, walked into a bar.

    Or he would have, except that his friend was walking with him, and quickly guided him into the limbo, allowing him to go underneath the bar. For now they were safe. They walked a few minutes more.

    "My god!" said the friend. "What?!" Bob quickly asked.

    "It's the mushmons! And they have bars!" the friend, named Jim, screamed.

    "No!" Bob shouted. "We have to make sure I don't walk into one of them!"

    Jim withdrew his sword, and turned to Bob. "If I have to give my life for this," he said "I want you to avenge my hamburger named Freddy.

    "I will, Jim." Bob said, quietly. "I will."

    "Here they come!"


    Jim took a mighty slash at the first mushmon, cutting its bar in half. A horde ran towards Bob from several directions, and Jim was only able to cut two of them.

    Bob took a jump, landing his feet squarely on two of the bars. He jumped down onto of the mushmen, easily squishing it. He could hardly right himself before the remaining mushmen who had swarmed him dashed towards him again. He did a backflip away from them, and pulled out his wand.

    "Lightning bolt!" he screamed. But it fizzled, as a mushmon bashed into him as he spoke. He fell to the ground, and the mushmen held their bars above him menacingly. He backed away, and stood up, but a Mushmon threw its bar up into the sky, and as he stood, and began to walk, he was hit squarely in the head with the bar - walking into it.

    Bob walked into a bar. Ouch.
  3. WhatThePhuc
    07-15-2008 - permalink
    so i'm the older one haha
  4. DemiGodDanzig
    07-14-2008 - permalink
    that sounds like a good idea
    it couldnt hurt right?
  5. DemiGodDanzig
    07-14-2008 - permalink
    GD fine ;-;

    and omg whar
  6. Guiles
    07-14-2008 - permalink
    there are pedos on my profile
  7. DemiGodDanzig
    07-14-2008 - permalink
    but its hard to find cute SFW shota .-.
  8. DemiGodDanzig
    07-14-2008 - permalink
    but the loli ;-;
    and im not a fairy ;o;
    or am i not emo
    i forget .-.
  9. Guiles
    07-14-2008 - permalink
    Oops, maybe this is the fault of my gender not being listed keke
  10. DemiGodDanzig
    07-14-2008 - permalink

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Posted 08-13-2009 at 04:29 AM by Guiles Comments 2
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School starts again soon, and I'm marching in an environment that's going to be stony and cold at best. Downright hostile at worst.

I'm pretty sure staying in that room for too long will put me three inches from flipping out. Which, as my friend tells me, is the average size of Asian penor. This demands research.

They say junior year is the hardest in my major. Rather than go on a pretentious rampage and list all my classes and exactly just how difficult they might...

Posted 05-28-2009 at 12:18 AM by Guiles Comments 2
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Posted 05-21-2009 at 02:08 PM by Guiles Comments 0
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Christ almighty this show is so funny. :| I was up till like 3 am IRCing and watching it.

I came across this today and I was just like "wtf loooooool."

I didn't know they did a music video. =o

Jennifer Saunders (the brunette) sang I NEED A HERO in Shrek 2. So why didn't she sing here ;__;

Posted 05-18-2009 at 04:09 PM by Guiles Comments 0
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I miss Dragonica. ;_; But it's definitely one of those games where it gets boring fast if you're all alone (read: depressing). *glares*

*goes to lag on LaTale*

Posted 05-17-2009 at 02:11 PM by Guiles Comments 0
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I am a homosexual.

That is all
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let's go for a walk
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wat .
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