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Hanging by a Thread

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  1. Feeline
    07-05-2010 - permalink
    Yeah, you were cool and all that jazz and I reread our last conversation and I came across as a jerk. But you were the magical fairy princess of my life.
    edit: The + / - games get funnier and funnier each time I reread them. Running them was so incredibly dorky and I enjoyed it so much. But in
  2. Rhois
    07-05-2010 - permalink
    Guiles: i lurk and touch

    So yeah, I viewed our conversation and it was severely embarrasing. Was I seriously that hyperactive at thirteen? Geez. Have you graduated yet?
  3. mamoru
    07-04-2010 - permalink
    i would so talk to you
  4. Feeline
    07-04-2010 - permalink
    Sirrah I miss talking to you.
  5. mamoru
    07-03-2010 - permalink
    kuda and myself are "emo gits"
  6. Kudaranai
    06-28-2010 - permalink

    Tea voted 5k, I voted 2k, I don't know where the rest came from
  7. mamoru
    06-27-2010 - permalink
    [15:44] <Noperative> mp4
    [15:44] <Kudaranai> [18:42] <Nihil679> I don't anger over things like that.
    [15:44] <Kudaranai> ????????/
    [15:44] <Adura> ERROR: incorrect utf-8 encoding "????????"
    [15:44] > that is sarcasm
    [15:44] <Noperative> disappointing
    [15:44] <jooozek> who cares
    [15:44] <jooozek> if its mp4
    [15:44] > <Guiles> elitist :|
    [15:44] <jooozek> its h264/aac
    [15:44] <jooozek> thats all you need
    [15:44] <Kudaranai> <Guiles> omg you are mean
  8. Javier
  9. Javier
    06-21-2010 - permalink
    I'm in the corner,
    watching you kiss her. . .
  10. mamoru
    06-20-2010 - permalink
    [21:29] > it's like how i ignore fuzz and RK
    [21:29] > and starcraft
    [21:29] > and dfo
    [21:29] <Nihil679> For people with limited amounts of chat space like I do, it's hard for me to simply skip past them.
    [21:29] > ...and touhou
    [21:29] <Kudaranai> that's like everything, mori
    [21:29] > sometimes i wonder y i even come here
    [21:29] <Kudaranai> lol ;_
    [21:29] <Adura> I come here for Kuda.
    [21:29] > aw
    [21:29] <Adura> ˆ‘:3
    [21:29] > i wish people would come here for me


    [21:48] <Adura> That's still pretty smart, though.
    [21:48] <Kudaranai> well, I do think adura is smarter than me
    [21:48] <StarFruit> :<
    [21:48] <Kudaranai> but I don't need it tobe pointed out okay ;
    [21:48] <Adura> Kuda, you really are a woman after my own heart.


    [22:02] <Adura>

    adura is so cutes ;_;

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Posted 08-13-2009 at 04:29 AM by Guiles Comments 2
Posted in Uncategorized
School starts again soon, and I'm marching in an environment that's going to be stony and cold at best. Downright hostile at worst.

I'm pretty sure staying in that room for too long will put me three inches from flipping out. Which, as my friend tells me, is the average size of Asian penor. This demands research.

They say junior year is the hardest in my major. Rather than go on a pretentious rampage and list all my classes and exactly just how difficult they might...

Posted 05-28-2009 at 12:18 AM by Guiles Comments 2
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Posted 05-21-2009 at 02:08 PM by Guiles Comments 0
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Christ almighty this show is so funny. :| I was up till like 3 am IRCing and watching it.

I came across this today and I was just like "wtf loooooool."

I didn't know they did a music video. =o

Jennifer Saunders (the brunette) sang I NEED A HERO in Shrek 2. So why didn't she sing here ;__;

Posted 05-18-2009 at 04:09 PM by Guiles Comments 0
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I miss Dragonica. ;_; But it's definitely one of those games where it gets boring fast if you're all alone (read: depressing). *glares*

*goes to lag on LaTale*

Posted 05-17-2009 at 02:11 PM by Guiles Comments 0
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I am a homosexual.

That is all
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"If I could turn...
Posted 08-13-2009 at 08:16 AM by kuyaBaka kuyaBaka is offline
let's go for a walk
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wat .
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