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Conversation Between Griever and flsg
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  1. Griever
    05-22-2011 - permalink
    Yeah, R<3s seems to be as close as it's gonna get. CB starts in July tho. I'm already in university and I'll have class when it starts, but thankfully it starts towards the beginning of the semester so the workload won't be crazy and whatnot. ^_^
    Definitely check it out when you do get the free time.
  2. flsg
    05-22-2011 - permalink
    I was looking for a game that can provide me with similar experience than lunia, kinda hard to find for some reason. I guess rusty hearts is as close as it can get?
    but Im extremely busy these days with university applications, so I can't afford to slack off in my studies lol
    thanks for the link, I might consider it, if not now then maybe I'll play the official version in the future =)
  3. Griever
    05-21-2011 - permalink
    Feltch, you should get a Rusty Hearts beta key and play with me when it starts. ^_^
    Rusty Hearts Beta Key Giveaway

  4. flsg
    01-05-2011 - permalink
    I would, if I didn't forget my pass & give my account to someone else XD...
    what did you do again, lol
  5. Griever
    01-04-2011 - permalink
    Flooshg help me piss off Ijji. Ijji users hate me because I call them out on being stupid. Vote for me in Lunia xmas story poll:
    Winter Story Winners!!!! YOUR pick needed! - ijji Forums

    ^_^ Together, we can troll Ijji.
  6. flsg
    12-22-2009 - permalink
    ooooh griever in love...
    I played country story for a bit then got bored bc it's kinda too pixeled lol...
    lunia, stopped a while ago, don't care anymore XD
  7. Griever
    12-21-2009 - permalink
    I have a minor addiction to Farmville
    Also yeah, I still play Lumia, but not on my healer. I play a Ryan now b/c he's broken.
    Healers still haven't received the full buff patch from KLunia so it's my own personal way of boycotting allm. `o`

    And I'm good. I'm in love. @_@
    And you?
  8. flsg
    12-21-2009 - permalink
    LMAO grieber, how are you XD
    still playing? or quitted?
    I'm addicted to facebook now lol, no time for lunia or it's gonna eat my life away x.x
  9. Griever
    11-30-2009 - permalink
    Fishy. I haven't came in 3 weeks.
    My dk is gonna asplode soon if I don't do something about it.

    But its also going to explode if I DO try to do something about it.

    I hope you know how to swim.
  10. flsg
    11-06-2008 - permalink
    agreed =/

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