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  1. Ayu
    04-06-2014 - permalink

    (P.S. My real name is Sophie, not Annie!)
  2. Cookies
    03-22-2014 - permalink
    I don't remember lol, probably something I came across when browsing
  3. Cookies
    03-22-2014 - permalink
    Wow you started a lot earlier than I thought, I don't think I saw you posting much till after the intro one

    Been pretty ok, jumping from one mobile game to another lately since I'm rarely home nowadays. Do want to start mmos again once I upgrade from a laptop though, too bad Lunia is gone now

    I tried princess punt a while back, didn't get too far and got burnt out quickly because I was upgrading every single thing @@
  4. Cookies
    03-22-2014 - permalink
    HI!!! I'm fluffles on there btw
    And I see, I had just been thinking about it and it was not likely that someone else would use the same name LOL
  5. Ayu
    03-21-2014 - permalink

    ( Д`)

    ( _ゝ`)
  6. Ayu
    03-21-2014 - permalink
    Welp.. Here you go. It's literally flame red in the sunshine. :v

  7. Ayu
    03-20-2014 - permalink
    Oh my, I completely didn't notice your last message - sorry! ; w ;

    BY THE WAY, I accidentally anime'd my hair today, and I guess it looks a lot like Shana. ahhahah aoshdfskfjshdf it wasn't on purpose but I was thinking of "Goddammit.. I can't cosplay Sailor Mars anymore.. who can I cosplay with this hair?"
  8. Cookies
  9. Ayu
    02-25-2014 - permalink
    Ahhhh, so happy you played Ys and actually know The Lost Vikings! I grew up with TLV and it means so much to meee. It's really fun!

    Even if you don't get the internship, you gained some important experience from your interview. :3

    Playing MS2 sounds fuuun... but I have no experience with MapleStory. You might hate playing with me. D:
  10. Ayu
    02-20-2014 - permalink
    Did you play MapleStory 1? I've never played any of them so I don't feel any nostalgia or reason to even try (I'd feel like I'm too late to the party anyway..).

    Would you actually recommend MapleStory 2? Been wanting a new game to play for a while.

    Hm, can't really say PangYa is the favorite, at all, I just really like it for many reasons. It's a super cute loli golf game. :3

    If I had to choose an absolute favorite of all genres, it'd have to be The Lost Vikings.

    A great second place is the Ys games, specifically Ys: The Oath in Felghana. Ys: Origin is pretty great too! I really wanna buy the Vita just for the new Ys: Memories of Celceta game. :<

    How did your interview go, and what kind of interview was it~?

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