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  1. Ayumi
    02-20-2014 - permalink
    Did you play MapleStory 1? I've never played any of them so I don't feel any nostalgia or reason to even try (I'd feel like I'm too late to the party anyway..).

    Would you actually recommend MapleStory 2? Been wanting a new game to play for a while.

    Hm, can't really say PangYa is the favorite, at all, I just really like it for many reasons. It's a super cute loli golf game. :3

    If I had to choose an absolute favorite of all genres, it'd have to be The Lost Vikings.

    A great second place is the Ys games, specifically Ys: The Oath in Felghana. Ys: Origin is pretty great too! I really wanna buy the Vita just for the new Ys: Memories of Celceta game. :<

    How did your interview go, and what kind of interview was it~?
  2. Ayumi
    02-18-2014 - permalink
    It's really fun going back to old games though, even though it won't be the same, it's very nostalgic. That's why I still sign into D3 (used to play D2 and WoW, as for Blizzard games). I also never really ~stopped~ playing PangYa.

    What's your favorite video game of all time? :3
  3. Ayumi
    02-15-2014 - permalink
    Yeah, same here, same time I wanted to download it again... :<

    Diablo 3 was much more enjoyable in the first months. I still like it but no one even plays anymore so it's completely dead, and definitely not the same. Hopefully more users will come back for the expansion!

    That just sounds like a generic scam e-mail though.. :v

    Did you ever watch Naruto or One Piece? I used to watch Bleach when it was new, up until episode ~100, but since I stopped, there's no way it's possible for me to get back into it now.
  4. Ayumi
    02-14-2014 - permalink
    I have some from back to 2008 (including yours!) but I guess I lost everything from before the MYMMO transfer.

    No, didn't you know? Lunia was taken offline January 1st this year. ; A ;

    Right now I only play Bravely Default and a little Diablo 3 (waiting for the new expansion so trying to level up more characters, although I don't have much time).

    I actually haven't seen that much anime! Nothing really made me feel excited like Sailor Moon.. though there are a few from years back that I didn't get bored of, such as Princess Jellyfish, Death Note and NANA. It's too hard for me to follow most anime, so I need something short (~20 ep) to keep my attention span up. Even if I like it, it's hard to watch if it passes 25 episodes. D:

    There are tons I'd love to watch though, hopefully I get to do that sometime!
  5. Ayumi
    02-14-2014 - permalink
    Also yay I found this again in our convo, so hugz (っω`)っ
  6. Ayumi
    02-14-2014 - permalink
    lol, had no idea it was so hard to see (haven't updated the profile design in years)!

    Should be fixed now.

    And yeah, definitely~ I actually used Shana as my nick on ggFTW (Mymmo) some years back..

    What other anime do you enjoy?
  7. Ayumi
    02-13-2014 - permalink
    P.s. I will always blame you for shana.
  8. Ayumi
    02-13-2014 - permalink
    Treating me pretty greatly!

    (Reminder in case you forgot: I'm not ML Ayumi!) ;w;
  9. Ayumi
    02-01-2014 - permalink
    Uguu. :3

    How are you?
  10. Light
    01-29-2014 - permalink
    Some ingenuity overcame the problem. I've fixed all social groups to function properly.
    You should now be able to decline or accept the invite, as well as access the group itself.

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