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Conversation Between Flipmood and Wassay
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  1. Flipmood
    10-01-2012 - permalink
    Dude. What. The. ****. I don't do crack dude how're you gona think of me so low like that ):. Yea man I'm sure yours is bigger, like chode-wise LOL.
  2. Wassay
    09-30-2012 - permalink
    LOL You funnie popz. Thinking yours is WAYY BIGGER. I think you been on some crazy kush and crack while I've been going on whacking off eryday. I don't think I have yours, my phone went poof on it prob.
  3. Flipmood
    09-26-2012 - permalink
    Naw you dumb ass hoe. MINE'S WAAAAY BIGGER. I'll send a pic. I'm pretty sure I still got your number. Mmmhmmm..
  4. Wassay
    09-18-2012 - permalink
    Demmit papa. I know about your little red rocket. Ofc I ain't gonna have a smalller thang than that red rocket of yours. ; _ ;.
    Sorry only owns one *****.
  5. Flipmood
    09-15-2012 - permalink
    I am proud son. So very proud. HAHAHAHA I don't think it's that big yet son. You know I prefer double penetration over single.
  6. Wassay
    09-12-2012 - permalink
    Yes papa, I've been doing what you have told me to do. Psh, papa. ^u^ It's bigger than yours now. I know you'd love the penetration.
  7. Flipmood
    09-11-2012 - permalink
    Hey Wazzle. I see you Mackin' on all these *****es. I'm proud of you son. I wish I could show you how proud I was over a bottle of champagne and some dinner..but sadly I can't. I hope your ***** grew bigger or else I'll be very disappointed.
  8. Flipmood
    12-01-2011 - permalink
    Definitely not cause of that. I still go to school, just very sick atm p.p.

    I can't even rage properly T__T
  9. Wassay
    11-30-2011 - permalink
    Cause you don't go to schoo no more. (Y)
  10. Flipmood
    11-30-2011 - permalink
    Tell me why I'm gay as ****.
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