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Conversation Between Flareen and Rydia
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  1. Rydia
    03-28-2013 - permalink
    Sorry ive just been busy and not on msn, I'll be back on normal again April 1st. (:
  2. Flareen
    03-27-2013 - permalink
    Hey Rydia.. somehow I can't contact either you or Zay anymore.. hope you two are well!
  3. Flareen
    01-05-2013 - permalink
    Yay - glad you liked it :3!

    Btw.. the books arived today! Thank you so very much it's such a relief to finally have it complete. XD

    How much do I owe you? Well i guess you'd better tell me on msn or something. o_o
    Though hm... my mum JUST went on holiday so.. unless i'll bug dad it would take me about 2 weeks before i can send it to you 3:
  4. Rydia
    01-04-2013 - permalink
    LOL aw that is so cute omg
  5. Flareen
    01-04-2013 - permalink
    People often point out that they think one day I'll be one of those "old cat ladies".
    It just randomly shot through my mind while i was pestering Katshi when I figured Rydia and Zay must hear that a lot too.
    Then I just had a random thought on my mind and grabbed the nearest pen and paper and made a small scribble. o^o
  6. Flareen
  7. Flareen
    11-30-2012 - permalink
    I found that ocularia sword thing lol 3:
  8. Flareen
    07-08-2012 - permalink
    oh and also; are we still recruiting? o_o I wasn't sure but i was generally spreading camps atm so i put one for that as well. I'll it down if you don't wanna recruit anymore - please let me know :3
  9. Rydia
    10-26-2011 - permalink
    That makes me sad ):
  10. Flareen
    10-24-2011 - permalink
    Person in whisper: Who is the leader of Revolution?
    Me: Rydia
    Person in whisper: you mean that person who buys everything?


    Thaaaat... made me laugh >:3
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