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  1. SOC
    06-02-2010 - permalink
    I wonder what would happen if Fuzzles, Kuma, Sharpe, Pie, Mirae, and Terra all turned into giant flying chalk?
  2. ArturiaPendragon
    ...... Why is the wild Sharpe so violent? I expected it to be more friendly if it's going to be in my GGFTWMon Team! D<
  3. ArturiaPendragon
    Question, Pwofyesshor Ferret. What kind of noise does a wild Sharpe make?
  4. SOC
    05-30-2010 - permalink
    YouTube - [CM] 牛乳に相談*

    Is your school like that?
  5. SOC
  6. SOC
    05-26-2010 - permalink
    Aww. Well no plans = La Tale no? :P

    2 years, huh? I bet it seems like forever lol. Any idea what you're going to do after you graduate?
  7. kmelfina
    05-25-2010 - permalink
    Not happening D=

    He's not the gamer type. I forgot why I play in the first place XD. Hmm... I'm just trying to find my "answers" in LT, all I need to do is follow up with the questions to go for and act on 'em.

    Had a whole conversation w/ him last night... kinda explicity o_o;

    (send PM if you want to know details)
  8. kmelfina
    05-25-2010 - permalink
    *pops in* Ferret! *hugs*

    My life is semi-180. I'm starting to befriend a guy I like. Well he's taking me out near the end of the school year, as friends. Well my friend Bria (she knows him well and likes my "decisions") expects "more to go on" whatever that means lol o_o

    Other than that, I'm starting to speak my mind IRL and LT. IRL = not bad at all. LT = RAWR MUST GO BIPOLAR OVER INTERWEBZ (as my friend Cassie described me when I chatted w/ her on Facebook lol!), not a good thing at all but I can't remember how I manage to log on everyday and then sending myself to the Frustrations thread.
  9. SOC
    05-25-2010 - permalink
    Oh wow, nice! Got any plans for this summer? When do you graduate?
  10. SOC
    05-25-2010 - permalink
    Awww, I'm sorry to hear that! I'd get you one but I'm saving money as well ATM lol.

    I'm doing alright, I'm on summer and loving it! Just sitting around and relaxing and going to work still. ^^ When does your summer start? How's Kuma doing?


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