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Grand Fantasia
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Grand Fantasia



Eden is a jewel in the roughEden is a jewel in the roughEden is a jewel in the roughEden is a jewel in the rough


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  1. Sandrie
    03-06-2009 - permalink
    so what weapon are you using? im assuming you went human btw .-.

    my elf ish archer (elves rule with bows 8D)
  2. Sandrie
    03-06-2009 - permalink
    lol, you can go do part time jobs and probably be still be able to level

    but yeah, just know that trying to level up skills in this game is not like in other games where you just need to click the level up button 10 times >.>

    it goes from novice>F>E>D>C>B>A>9>8>7>6>5>4>3>2>1>master title...and thats a lot of AP :x
    gonna have to rebirth probably to get all that ap @_@
  3. Sandrie
    03-06-2009 - permalink
    are you seriously asking that ._.
    what do you want to get out of it? i mean its advertised as "fantasy life" so go do whatever you wants?

    lol you must be still stuck at alby then D8

    edit:btw, its etc (cause its et cetera) >.>
  4. Sandrie
    03-05-2009 - permalink
    like how? if its generation quests no way (cant do it on my elf anyway)
    and...i dont have my laptop and i cant go install mabi on this comp im using >.>
  5. Sandrie
    03-05-2009 - permalink
    hello, new continent? (hint: pioneers of IRIA)
    its where also elves and giants are, you can get an elf or giant if you ally with them btw
    be careful there though...monsters probably can ohko you .-.
  6. Sandrie
    03-05-2009 - permalink
    im at level 29 lol (trying to get the most out of the free revives and blah

    Oh, and my school runs on trimesters, so our finals go around thanksgiving, right now, and end of the school year -_-

    oh yeah, and mabi levels don't really matter for dungeons, if i weren't so bad at multiagrro control id probably be a way higher level cause i could train at ciar

    do me a favor pl0x and make sure to visit iria and finish those noob tutorial quests there :<
  7. Sandrie
    03-05-2009 - permalink
    what quest? well you don't really have to grind in that game anyway lols

    maybe tomorrow you can help me with karu/maiz dungeon then 8D?

    hmm maybe i should finish studying for my finals instead of lurking mog on a random laptop ._.
  8. Sandrie
    03-05-2009 - permalink
    well you might have noticed the [Mari] on my sig and how Greeny was talking about going on mari >.>

    so, wait, is that your IGN on mari or ruari? Just try adding me to your friend list, when i log on it will show up as a message
  9. Sandrie
    03-05-2009 - permalink
    Mari 8D

    Just a warning tho, the servers kind of busy and laggy
    oh when (if, my dad took my laptop .-.) I rz on my elf Eyonia :x
  10. Sandrie
    02-25-2009 - permalink
    It's kind of hard to play a game thats not up atm ._.

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