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Conversation Between Dook and Watatsuki
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  1. Dook
    07-04-2009 - permalink
    Oh i c, alrighty then. I hope you're having a good time there in China =P
    I wish I could travel overseas right now... so sick of Australian winter zzz
  2. Watatsuki
    07-04-2009 - permalink
    Uhh, well thing is, I came to China now, and it is IP blocked here.

    So yea, screw it.
  3. Dook
    07-03-2009 - permalink
    Hey dude, about Tenvi... I think I'm just gonna wait for the English release cuz I don't think I'm gonna play much mmos right now >_<
    But... I'll try to find you whenever I get bored and decide to mess around in Tenvi for a bit or something.
    Hooray for 1-week-late response orz
  4. Watatsuki
    06-27-2009 - permalink
    Yo, look at the Tenvi thread. (I'm posting this here because it says you are active but you didn't post in the Tenvi thread, I guess you missed it or something.)
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