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Daniloo has much to be proud ofDaniloo has much to be proud ofDaniloo has much to be proud ofDaniloo has much to be proud ofDaniloo has much to be proud ofDaniloo has much to be proud ofDaniloo has much to be proud ofDaniloo has much to be proud of


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  1. Renard
    02-14-2013 - permalink
    Afraid of me?! WHY! D:
  2. Flipmood
    02-14-2013 - permalink
    oh okay !
  3. Primal
    02-14-2013 - permalink
    Ye, I thought of a gladiator like Maximus or Spartacus then I remembered: oh wait this thing farts so it shall be named Farticus {: but ye **** guard break lol
  4. Primal
    02-14-2013 - permalink
    Don't worry about it, we all say stupid shit {:
    I have a Gambler called Farticus, now that takes imagination haha jk
    I remember it like it was yesterday, your bun guard breaking my duke n I kept getting pissed off cus HV didn't matter for shit when you did that xd
  5. Primal
    02-14-2013 - permalink
    My dad died 4 years ago n my mom got pissed off haha. Well it's kinda hard to say since I'm portuguese, so idk the name of the class but I'm a junior. I'm studying to become a translator but your theory came in pretty close I guess cus I do like biology.
    The name iSavage came when I was at a bus stop talking to my friend, I was imagining my coon in meta n I thought the name suited hehe
  6. Primal
    02-14-2013 - permalink
    Sorry to hear that, just remember that a positive attitude is everything {: I have HeartGold too cus I had Silver when I was a kid. GL with your class P: I'm already ****ed in mine since I skipped a week straight lol... You seem like a nice person, glad I got to meet you now
  7. Primal
    02-14-2013 - permalink
    Age is overrated, I still play Pokémon from time to time {:< As for TO I've been away from it for months now, came back from time to time for like 2 weeks at a time but never got into it again because of the same problems the game always had. Anyway ye I'm livin' life to the fullest n' don't think I'll ever get addicted to games again cus the 2 I played turned to shit so, ye. What about you?
  8. Primal
    02-14-2013 - permalink
    I'm 18 now so... Shit haha jk it was all so fun that I'd never take it back n' sorry if I ever went too far but I get pissed off easily and my mouth can't control itself (in this case my fingers P
  9. Primal
    02-14-2013 - permalink
    It's cool, don't worry about it, I acted like a kid at a time but it was fun and it's what I'm gonna remember of this game, you were a part of that fun and I wouldn't change a thing because the feeling of getting it back after 3 years was overwhelming, thanks Dani for all the fun time {:
  10. Ying
    02-13-2013 - permalink
    Dani is 2 cool to be eaten!


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