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  1. Rhois
    03-06-2011 - permalink
    Cambridge is ffffuuu- harder but so much more worth imo, and I'll probably end up sitting it. I'll probably worry about what career path I'm going to choose next year, as that'll be when I sit exams.

    Just thinking now, the other jobs I were considering were Physciology or Occupational Therapy.

    I heard walls of text were the lastest thing. 8D
  2. Rhois
    03-06-2011 - permalink
    Yes, if I wanted to do physio I'd have to have studied biology and possibly done exams on it, iirc. NZ has two options you can do for credits, NCEA or Cambridge. NCEA is renowned for being absolute shiet. For example; if you did an essay which was Excellence quality, but had missed one of the questions which was required for you to get an achieved, you would fail the essay.
  3. Rhois
    03-06-2011 - permalink
    I've seen many of your artworks which are very impressive, but, iunno, it just doesn't feel very you. (Of course, I could just not know you very well whatsoever!)

    And your cooking I couldn't comment about, funnily enough.

    (I went over the character count by about 593? Hence why this is split up into three posts. lolol)
  4. Rhois
    03-06-2011 - permalink
    It also somewhat annoys me that everyone is all, "hurr, you're 15, you've got three years to figure out what yer gonna do!" whilst there's this little part in me going, "Yes, I want to know what I'm going to do, right. Now."

    Personally, I could see you being either a writer (o u dani with them words) or a fashun designer. It's not that your drawings are bad,
  5. Rhois
    03-06-2011 - permalink
    You have so many options, I have to admit I'm quite jealous. My original plan was to study dance at Unitec, dance in a company for a number of years, then teach/freelance or do Physiotherapy. Except this year I am so blase about Contemporary I just don't know if it's worth it. The only other thing I could think I'd enjoy would be game design, but even that's 'ehh'.
  6. Rhois
    03-05-2011 - permalink
    Awesome, you seem to have everything sorted. Are you planning on doing cooking in college or do you have other ideas?
  7. Rhois
    03-05-2011 - permalink
    Ninja Dani strikes again. Are you in College this year, or finishing high school? o;
  8. Rhois
    03-05-2011 - permalink
    Shnao hacks, I swear. ;; Are you going to be playing the American localization of Elsword?
  9. Rhois
    03-05-2011 - permalink
    I am thoroughly enjoying your sig. :c
  10. Shinkirou
    03-04-2011 - permalink
    Grief of Seeds

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Posted 03-07-2011 at 09:10 PM by Dani Comments 0
Posted in Stories , Heavenly Fantasy
After his mother sent him off to get some food for lunch, Kazuki jogged along to the kitchen on the first floor of the manor. As he was about to turn into the kitchen he bumped into one of his older half siblings. Jin was his name, and he towered over the lad. Kazuki backed away a few paces but was grabbed by the shoulder by his elder brother. The man's grip felt like it could just crush his shoulder to a bloody pulp and the boy tried to escape from his grip.

"L-let me go!"...

Posted 03-07-2011 at 02:41 PM by Dani Comments 0
Posted in Stories , Heavenly Fantasy
April 23rd, 1925

It was a beautiful spring day in the Kagoshima Prefecture. The sakura were in full bloom; a breath taking sight for all who saw. On the far countryside of the area, not far from a cliff over the ocean waves below was a large manor. People often stay clear of this place, rumours flying around that the people are cursed by the very tengu who roam the mountains of their beloved country. Others say they are monsters, perhaps even kappa who wish to devour all human children!...

Posted 02-04-2011 at 01:06 AM by Dani Comments 0
Posted in Ramblings and artmax
Semester 1 flew by so fast, it's scary. I remember walking in on the first day of semester 1 back in September thinking...

Never mind I don't remember that.

Last semester I had a spare first period, ENGRISH, Art and Business (orz), now this semester I have fffing Religion, MEDIA ARTS, Communications Tech but will switch that for fashion/sewing 12 and lastly ****ING GYM.

I.. I haven't taken a gym class in years. Last time was in grade 8.


Posted 10-27-2010 at 09:31 PM by Dani Comments 1
Posted in Transliterations

from a translation i saw... somewhere. Lyrics have been changed somewhat so its singable in english (mostly). Its still a wip but i feel like posting it anyways ;_;

Now fully singable in english... well, I can sing it atleast

When Swindlers Laugh Wildly

What is it I'd love, you ask?
Well, it sure as hell ain't you, it's all about me!
Hey, all you miserable worms! Listen up!
Get on your knees and beg to the

Posted 10-25-2010 at 12:52 AM by Dani Comments 0
Posted in Stories , GGftw Writing Challenge
She took in a single, deep breath.

The air is dry and dusty. She felt as though she nearly choked on the air and quickly pulled her gas mask back on. The air is tainted by the toxins of humanity. The toxins which destroyed their world. She grasped her chest and fell to her knees, immediately regretting trying to breathe in the air just as she had before. Once she was finally able to regain herself, she got back on her feet and made her way back to the small colonies which remained...
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Yay translations. 8D...
Posted 10-28-2010 at 03:35 PM by Lei Lei is offline
DANIIIIII ;_______;...
Posted 10-06-2008 at 02:28 PM by Haiko Haiko is offline
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