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Conversation Between Cupcake and Manabi
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  1. Manabi
    09-08-2010 - permalink
    Hihi Kuma! How have you been? Still playing TinierMe a lot? ^_^ Comcast still has my Internet all screwed up, but I've been trying to keep up with the events in TM. Sometimes takes me an hour to get logged in and into town though.
  2. Manabi
    07-18-2010 - permalink
    Oh, in less depressing postings (since most of mine in the forum have been kinda depressing of late)... I got a really good trade offer on TinierMe just now. Someone offered me their Glittering Raindrop Dress (Blue) and one other GC item for my Glittering Raindrop Dress (Black) (which I had on a mule, she's the one who got the offer). I was wanting to color swap it anyway (black's just... meh), but the extra GC item was really awesome! \o

    So I'm at least fairly happy on TM still, even if I'm really annoyed at LT. ^_^;;
  3. Manabi
    06-30-2010 - permalink
    Another Remilia for you, how's life going for you? I haven't been playing La Tale much lately so I have no idea if you've been on or not. -_-

    BTW: I'm sooooo jealous of your glomping kittens on TinierMe, they're so freaking adorable. I managed to get that drum set for Mana and it only took about 1,000CC! I was surprised, but I'm really happy about having a drum set in Mana's room now. ^_^

  4. Manabi
    06-17-2010 - permalink
    Hi there, have a Remilia:

    Hope everything's going OK for you. ^_^
  5. Manabi
    02-17-2010 - permalink
    I'd like that, I can join with Mana since she's my main. ^_^ And Guild Crop tomorrow sounds awesome.
  6. Cupcake
    02-17-2010 - permalink
    If you ever decide to actually join a new guild, you're always welcome in ShiningRay /o/ We're doing another Guild Crop run tomorrow evening if that makes the offer any more enticing (we're also finally Lv8 orz) ;w;
  7. Manabi
    01-23-2010 - permalink
    I upped the best Touhou images I had saved on my hard drive to an ImageShack album. They're not all of Remilia, but there's a few of her that are cute. ^_^ Thumbnails since some are a bit big:

  8. Manabi
    01-15-2010 - permalink
    Happy Birthday Kuma! ^_^

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