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Conversation Between Crystal and Esperetta
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  1. Esperetta
  2. Crystal
    04-17-2011 - permalink
    haha i see you ish not mad at him <3
    it was his choice to do it anyways,to go to ecks
    good thing you still have fun with him with teasin 8D

    aww nao i loves you too :3
    you ish the best guild leader i ever met <3
  3. Esperetta
    04-16-2011 - permalink
    lol Kitkit, don't worry I'm not mad at Red xD
    I think I have waaaaaaaay to much fun teasing him though
    I lub juuu, you're the best sub a Guild leader could ever have!! >3<
  4. Crystal
    04-14-2011 - permalink
    okii i will read it soon espii dont worry <3
    the art looks nice btw haha ^^

    i hope i can see you in TO moar ><
  5. Esperetta
  6. Crystal
    02-24-2011 - permalink
    heheh back im just preparing for entrance exam this week XD
    heheh its alright esp you got loyal members ^^
    only bosconian ran away from us owo

    miss you alot :3
  7. Esperetta
    02-20-2011 - permalink
    how is everything kit?
    Did everyone run away yet?
    lol :[
  8. Crystal
    02-06-2011 - permalink
    heheh thanks for notifying me esp :3
    i'll try to tell them to guildees owo
    heheh get ready @ school and tell meh when will you get back owo
    S>my organization skills
    B>more hax organization skills XD
  9. Esperetta
    02-05-2011 - permalink
    hey Kit :3

    I'm going to be away for a few days or this comming week because
    I'm just starting school again, and I haven't gotten ready :x
    So I need to find stuff and get things together >.<

    B>Orginisation skills
  10. Crystal
    01-30-2011 - permalink
    Ah yea, i remember you writing that you ish sick @ forums XD
    okii hope you get well :3
    I'm glad to see you again :3
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