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Conversation Between crazyhealer and lazybum
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  1. lazybum
    12-21-2010 - permalink
    guys come back for luniaSEA!
    I just went online to try it again and the lag is gone! Not perfect but comboable! XD
    Dun think ill be playing as much as last time though, likely just casual playing.
  2. crazyhealer
    12-03-2010 - permalink
    ok i'm up for luniaZ. after exams.
  3. lazybum
    12-03-2010 - permalink
    haha i'll try.
    Last time survival project was ok mah. Sian I miss these 2 games. Why got no proper servers for them T.T
  4. crazyhealer
    12-02-2010 - permalink
    then now get the habit back! =x
    malaysia host leh. SEA hold de games all cui de. cmi due to server being sucky. as for enlisting, i have no freaking idea. o.o
  5. lazybum
    12-02-2010 - permalink
    haha paiseh I lost my habit of going on msn liao
    Anyway i tried the SEAlunia. Sibei laggy, damn sian. Dunno y the server so shitty. Apparently some of the malaysians also find it laggy.

    Good luck for your test bah. By the way are you enlisting next year?
  6. crazyhealer
    12-01-2010 - permalink
    i now having term test in poly. didn't see you online in msn leh. want talk to you over there also cannot. =x
  7. lazybum
    11-29-2010 - permalink
    I just finished my A levels and I saw this SEA lunia.
    Whos interested?
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