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Conversation Between Clario and kmelfina
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  1. Clario
    02-11-2010 - permalink
    Well, PvP farming sorta works like that.

    We get two teams of 4 people, gathered by me spamming 'L> People to farm PvP Points!' over and over in my buddy list.

    Everyone has hit someone at least once- however, the winning team HAS to be the top four. Then we swap.
  2. kmelfina
    02-09-2010 - permalink
    So I heard you do PvP Farms? Explain how it exactly works (I plan on adding you to BL). Do you randomly announce times when Party PvP happens in the Buddy List?

    PvP Farming = 1 hit by losing team, and then 1 kill by winning team, and then 4 minutes left of waiting out?
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