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Conversation Between Chobits and Beato
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  1. Chobits
    07-17-2008 - permalink
    My comp is ehhhh 3 years old.

    It's a Sony VAIO with 512 MB RAM and 1Ghz processor? So, it sorta does it's job.
    But it's been so slow lately and back when I still played Trickster it used to freeze so much if I had other apps running like iTunes or Firefox ;-;

    I tried to play Mabinogi but it actually wouldn't let me play because my graphics card was that bad D:
  2. Beato
    07-17-2008 - permalink
    Oooo, what's and how old your comp?
    I used to have the failcomp for eight years.

    I'm playing Granado Espada because so so many pretty things~
    , but I'm looking forward toward playing LaTale, too!
  3. Chobits
    07-17-2008 - permalink
    Lolx sorry for the late response but I'm just fine :3!

    I miss chatting with you on games O:

    I'm waiting for La Tale right now since it looks like something my computer can actually handle @_@
  4. Beato
    07-05-2008 - permalink
    Well as long as she's fine, I'm happy 8D
    How are you?
  5. Chobits
    07-05-2008 - permalink
    She's fine, but she quit Trickster too @_@
  6. Beato
    07-05-2008 - permalink
    I was Lilith~
    How was ... *bad at names* Gemiere ? D:
  7. Beato
    07-03-2008 - permalink
    Chobits from Fantasia?
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