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Conversation Between Chainey and nnnina
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  1. Chainey
    08-18-2009 - permalink
    if somehow i can get my babe(rodeo) back then i'll probably play again if not then im done with it lol
    you guys can manage just dont get banned thats all :x

    oh btw my Msn is...(come on did u think i would write it here xP )
  2. nnnina
    08-18-2009 - permalink
    lol yani's so funny.
    Anyways, i figured you would quit ;.; I just didnt wanna believe it.
    well okay I tyhink me and yani and miya are the only ones with guild
    powers left anyways. Can we take over?

    Also, send me your msn on private msg or something asap
    miss youuu <3

  3. Chainey
    08-17-2009 - permalink
    IM WEARING A CUP o.o ...just in case ur gonna try ball busting me D:

    Ninita!!!!!! me misses u too
    I got my Internet back like a couple of days ago and got on here on Sunday

    sry i havent been on To i pretty much think i Quit from it (cant stand the whole Without My babe Rodeo thing D; instead im just hanging out with friends and Talking it up with Miya
    if anything you can always ask me for my Msn, Aim, or Skype so we can chat there

    @Miya: Not all guys are Jerks just most of them D:

    PS: I knew you would like the Ball busting Video lol (i felt bad for the guy that got hit twice D: good thing that wasnt me ;-; )
  4. nnnina
    08-17-2009 - permalink
    chaineyyy ;.;
    mish yyyyoooohhh!
  5. Chainey
    08-05-2009 - permalink
    I demanded to say Hi.
    << Actually, I got on Chain's profile by accident and didn't realize it until I checked his profile ._.
    -feels bad-
    I'll let him know you messaged x.x
  6. nnnina
    08-04-2009 - permalink
    lol ps.
    I'm not a ball buster!!!>;O
    although...that vid looks a lot like something i would do lol
    can't you just see it? just replace the guys in the vid with yourself, exo, yani
    and all the other guys in the guild lol that thought made me laugh so hard xD

  7. nnnina
    08-04-2009 - permalink
    I order you to come back ;-;
    youre missing little luminette growing up into a haxx sheepie ;-;
    I can even 1hit red salas at lvl 105 now!
    youre supposed to be around to tell me your so proud T^T
  8. Chainey
    07-28-2009 - permalink
    wow you are off D:
    I'll give u a big hint o.o its my favorite place to get Icecream =o
    but yeah ban hammer pretty much blows i hope its really not perm (i miss my smexy Rodeo D
    pssh u better me mee too though of corse you have to miss Miya more xP
    as for the guild i'll try and be on when i can if anything u guys can ask for my Msn or Skype so we can all chat and whatnot
    dont leave us though D: all of us will miss u

    random thing i was watching an episode of Scrubs Yesterday and i saw this Girl Name Nina and she was like the only ball buster I wonder if your like this too LOL

    YouTube - busting scene from scrubs
    yeah i was bored you can tell @_@
  9. nnnina
    07-27-2009 - permalink
    :O are you iknoweveything?
    lol i saw them with a bulletin saying "unban me"
    AWE chainey! I miss you too of course! ;-;
    what's gonna happen to the guild? its so quiet now!
    I might leave but I dont want to but nobody ever rly talks anymore D:
  10. Chainey
    07-26-2009 - permalink
    @Miya: you didnt have to say it like that sweety i perfer they gave me a reason sounds alot more better than a perm ban

    @Nina only Miya get the you "miss us messege" Whats up with that D: i am still playing though
    try and guess who and what im playing as (just started today) o.o
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