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Catharsis has a reputation beyond reputeCatharsis has a reputation beyond reputeCatharsis has a reputation beyond reputeCatharsis has a reputation beyond reputeCatharsis has a reputation beyond reputeCatharsis has a reputation beyond reputeCatharsis has a reputation beyond reputeCatharsis has a reputation beyond reputeCatharsis has a reputation beyond reputeCatharsis has a reputation beyond reputeCatharsis has a reputation beyond repute



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  1. Sheep
    10-25-2009 - permalink
    Sounds fun ;_; I'm just aiming to get into UC Berkeley and hopefully grad school there as well ;o;
    Cath in europe. I heard the University of Balogne(sp?) is nice. Any idea where you want to go ;o or still to early to decide.
  2. okay
    10-24-2009 - permalink
    Why does your "About Me" Gender says that you're male '-'
  3. Sheep
    10-22-2009 - permalink
    Ah, no wonder you haven't been on msn. I thought it was like a PHD thesis ;_;
    Anyways, good luck with all of that Cath. OH and i think i've decided. I'll get a bachelors in Economics ( hopefully I can get into Berkeley or UCLA ) and then do a PHD program in Econocentrics or Macroeconomics. Or maybe get a JD in Economic Law. ( still hasn't decided ) Q_Q
  4. Sheep
    10-18-2009 - permalink
    Actually, Cath is a super secret spy in-training ;_; She's looking out for terrorists in the ggftw forum.
    *shakes Cath* ;____; so busy. How's your thesis coming along? Did they approve your topic?
  5. Mitchi
    10-18-2009 - permalink
    Dear god, it's all clear!

    Cath is the travelocity Gnome! :O
  6. Mitchi
    10-17-2009 - permalink
    So, I've always been curious, but where in the Pampanga area are you from? O-o
  7. Mitchi
    10-16-2009 - permalink
    Ohai Cath.
  8. k0n
    10-15-2009 - permalink
    Yeah, I've already PM Noe about the division selection ;o ;o
  9. Sheep
    10-15-2009 - permalink
    Caaaaath, how have you been ;_; omg, we haven't talked in a long time. How's your education coming along?
  10. Jon
    10-15-2009 - permalink
    Ah, I'm really sorry Cath. I knew you were Catholic, but I didn't know you were brought up in such a way. I'm used to seeing corrupted/perverted/insane people around where I live (it's all over the internet too as you are aware), and I really wasn't brought up in the best of ways myself. I have to remind myself to be more respectful around people, joking or not.

    I don't usually joke around that way anyway, I was just really bored. That's no excuse, I know. Again, I apologize.

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    They say I'm a "manly boy" with "creamy, seductive, exposed shoulders." orz
    sleep, travel, coffee
    They pay me to study.
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Posted 06-01-2010 at 06:42 AM by Catharsis Comments 7
Posted in writing , /ggFTW Staff Fanfiction
For Mitchi's Writing Challenge.

Prompt: #20 Safety First
Title: ggFTW Inc.
Link: below; also posted as teh super sekrit staff forum
Fandom: /ggFTW! Staff Alternate Universe: /ggFTW goes corporate
Genre: crack
Rating: G
Summary: In this Alternate Universe, /ggFTW! has become as big and successful as Google or Microsoft. NoeJeko (Paul Stout IRL) is our hotshot CEO, the staff are executives and employees, and Bob is NOT part of the staff....

Posted 05-30-2010 at 12:00 AM by Catharsis Comments 0
Posted in writing
List of mortal classes for the Ivory Tower. Man, this is long.


II. God-spawns (Mortals)

God-spawns are mortals with bloodlines laced with those of the Demi-Gods. They are nothing more than ordinary humans whose fortunate genetics saved them from the Collapse. Faced with an unstable world teeming with Immortals far more powerful, they decided to harvest various skills and abilities that could increase their chances of survival,...

Posted 05-29-2010 at 11:59 PM by Catharsis Comments 2
Posted in writing
Here's the very long cast of character classes in my alternate universe. Hohoho. No wonder I couldn't get around to writing this thing. I have character profiles hidden somewhere... Err, can't remember which computer. Maybe it'll end up as long as the Wheel of Time.

THE CAST (Character Classes)

I. Everlasts (Immortals)

Once upon a time, Immortals are exempt from death, but the Collapse of Time changed all that. Now, Immortality...

Posted 05-29-2010 at 11:52 PM by Catharsis Comments 0
Posted in writing
Old, old plot for a monster novel and RP from 5 years ago. Didn't quite develop yet.


After the Creation, the One God rested and never awakened. He had seen with His omnipotent eye the travesty that would become of His handiwork, and was so revolted by the future that He abandoned.

His children, the Demi-Gods, took the world He rejected and ruled it in His stead. However, they were mere extensions of the One God; despite possessing powers...

Posted 01-12-2010 at 08:16 AM by Catharsis Comments 3
Posted in writing , Trickster Online fanfiction , The Velvet Curtain
Heads-up on mature content and sexual situations. Nothing graphic, but just in case...

Directly continued from this chapter: /forum/blogs/cathars...10-part-1.html

Read the rest HERE.


TVC Act 1, Chapter 3 - Part 2

They passed through the second set of drapes, and were immediately accosted by the overwhelming mixture of blinding...
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Working on episode 1....
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