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Conversation Between BillJai and selfdeception520
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  1. selfdeception520
    bill bill i quit trickster online so talk to me through here or facebook if you use msn messenger feel free to add me there mia love all you guys[guildmates] <3 have fun bill bill
  2. selfdeception520
    sad! i couldn't kill the ****ing tower 72th floor by myself Q_______________Q bill bill done?
  3. selfdeception520
    bill bill,aren't u in my facebook? or i made the wrong one into our facebook crisis guild site? o.o serena told avi the one i invited into our facebook guild site is not u,then avi told me is not u o.O[mia got comfused] '-'
  4. selfdeception520
    :3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 3333333333
  5. selfdeception520
    :3[shy] u stalk me hahaah :PPPPPP
  6. selfdeception520
    u mean u stalk me right? o.O i know that hahahah :P
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