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BeanMarine is a jewel in the roughBeanMarine is a jewel in the roughBeanMarine is a jewel in the roughBeanMarine is a jewel in the rough


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  1. DarkMaverick
    09-05-2009 - permalink
    Do it 4 more times and you get 500 gold. And I shall enjoy those delicious sou-...points. Mentor points. Yes. >_>
  2. DarkMaverick
    09-05-2009 - permalink
    I think it was food. Don't remember though. lol
  3. DarkMaverick
    09-03-2009 - permalink
    Efficiently solo grind. And I don't remember having problems on my laptop. Were you thinking of someone else?
  4. DarkMaverick
    09-03-2009 - permalink
    Aww. I think the only reason I don't play Dragonica anymore is because you pretty much just can't solo. I'm weird and like to grind sometimes. >_>
  5. DarkMaverick
    09-02-2009 - permalink
    Beanie! What happened to you trying out Estiah?
  6. Mega
    08-30-2009 - permalink
    Um my thread is in the art forum, but here's the link.

    I don't know if you can cut out people or not, but if not don't worry about it. Just tell me what you can do and we'll go from there.

    Thanks for actually getting back with me.
  7. Mega
    08-25-2009 - permalink
    Hm are you still doing sig/ava requests?
  8. k0n
    06-18-2009 - permalink
    In your hearts ;_;

    And pancreas ;o
  9. Kusuriuri
    06-11-2009 - permalink
    Yeah, thats why I picked it lol. Theres two other similar ones that have nice colorations too.

    Noise List - The World Ends With You Wiki - Pins, characters, guides, and more

    Lol yeah :/ drama lasted nearly a week. but man.. it was so damn hilarious, really. All these kids thinking they knew sooooo much about copyright laws, and they really didnt :/ Me and Paul had a good laugh from it all, in the end.
  10. Kusuriuri
    06-11-2009 - permalink
    Ohh you know what. I think I know what sprites you're talking about now. Yeah, I quit that shit. Their spriters on the official forums were bishing about egg guides posted around the net, saying they werent allowed, by THEIR rules (How2policeinternet), and were mailing people demanding they get removed in junk. When they finally got to MOG, Paul helped me with copyright laws and junk to defend myself when they started mailing me. Eventually the site owner got in on it, threatening to take legal action, I said I wasnt gonna remove it, because their work was credited, and I wasnt using it for profit, Paul even removed ads on that guide for members and guests to enforce that, and said he couldnt do anything to remove it, according to the law of fair use. So instead, he QQ'd he couldnt remove it, banned my account, killed the dragons I had on that account, and I was IP banned from the site for like a month. The site owner was still in high school at the time lololol.

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Posted 01-24-2010 at 06:53 PM by BeanMarine Comments 4
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What is the line between science and animal cruelty? And if it exists, where does the pursuit of a cure eventually turn into a mad-man's pleasure? How many animals must die to justify the safety of a product?

I have never been a vigilant Animals' Rights Activist or a strong believer in their liberation. I don't spend the extra 10 seconds to check if a product was tested on animals before purchasing...

Posted 12-31-2009 at 08:12 PM by BeanMarine Comments 5
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For those of you who are dying (bwa ha ha, I made a pun) to look like a walking skeleton or always believed that you were meant to be a stick rather than a fleshed-out humanbeing... look no further, because I HAVE THE PERFECT DIET FOR YOU.

It's called removing your all four of your wisdom teeth. And it sucks.

If it wasn't obvious enough, I would like to mention,...

Posted 12-15-2009 at 05:17 PM by BeanMarine Comments 0
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Holidays are the best time to travel! Who wants to stick around in countries slowly freezing up into Popsicle sticks when they can buy a cheap plane ticket and jetplane themselves over to a third world country caught in everlasting humidity? This entry is dedicated to all the folks who plan on going to other countries where sanitary water is not a faucet handle away.

Surprise! After three consecutive days...

Posted 12-08-2009 at 02:55 PM by BeanMarine Comments 1
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If your mom is like mine, then your daily phone calls from home usually consist of how you should consider wearing a gas mask or staying away from humans altogether to avoid getting H1N1. And, if you're like me, then you've probably spaced out 1 minute into the conversation and have no idea what your mother is talking about.

But is the H1N1 scare legitimate? As of December...

Posted 12-07-2009 at 04:40 AM by BeanMarine Comments 3
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Personal Identity. What is it? What makes you, you, and what makes me inevitably me. It is a question that has eluded people for centuries and is probably the leading cause for this poor canine’s identity crisis.

Standing beside its claim, this blog will not revolve entirely around Science (although science will be a large bulk of everything else). TODAY, we will dive into the exciting, philosophical...
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You're not really alone...
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I like porridge when...
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