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Loong - The Power of the Dragon
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Conversation Between basketball and Briantang123
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  1. basketball
    09-22-2012 - permalink
    this for the last time within 24 hours and your complying with what you have to give me youll be banned in the offense of..not complying with the agreement for blood sword and for sharing account!

    with/in 24hours buddy...thats final

    and for you to know the trickster GM work!
    they have a reply buddy,
  2. basketball
    09-22-2012 - permalink
    dude! message me ASAP
    theres a power disconnection in our city for awhile
    but were not finish...

    message me, ill be online ingame and ill monitor this account
  3. basketball
    09-21-2012 - permalink
    please sir, im begging you..ill pay anither 1.2B to your blood sword..please sir
  4. basketball
    09-20-2012 - permalink
    sir ill be giving you 24hours
    that money and sword is wired continue the deal
  5. basketball
    09-20-2012 - permalink
    the thing about its not your main account

    good thing rev is comeout, if you trade/gift that blood sword or 1B that account to well get banned

    i hope you know all about this
    please continue the deal

    message my character in 24 hours or else
  6. basketball
    09-20-2012 - permalink
    sir i SCreenshot everything!
    if you dont continue the will be reported
    its not myshop thing and you know...
    youll get banned, hoe to see you NOW..

    it will all be my gain since the money will return back to me
    but sir im wary for youre sake
    i dont own 7B and a level 365 character and be retarted
  7. basketball
    09-20-2012 - permalink
    im online now till 7:00 trickster time
  8. basketball
    09-20-2012 - permalink
    ill be online by 7:00 trickster time HOPE to SEE you!
    message me when your online ingame
  9. basketball
    09-20-2012 - permalink
    we dont meet, im online now!
    please make it 2B only!!
  10. Briantang123
    09-19-2012 - permalink
    Hey pm me my ign is xXBrifoXx
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