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Conversation Between BabySun and hikariichan
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  1. BabySun
    12-11-2011 - permalink
    Im good. Now just accept my msn :c. I miss you
  2. hikariichan
    12-11-2011 - permalink
    How are things? I probably won't play until...a long time lol.
  3. BabySun
    05-03-2011 - permalink
    working on my dragon and kitteh :3 hehe. what about u ^o^
  4. hikariichan
    05-02-2011 - permalink
    Hiya : O
    Saw you in pvp the other day! What are you working on in TO?
  5. hikariichan
    04-26-2011 - permalink
    Whee~ Almost done finals, I'm thinking of coming back and checking on everything haha : ] What have you accomplished? : P
  6. hikariichan
    02-27-2011 - permalink
    LOL, make a new character! I would probably get addicted all over again haha :P
    Ah, that's probably what I would do too, minus the fuses part...yes I'm that lazy xD
    There isn't that much to do once you've levelled enough, is there? Fusing, bossing, making money...and of course chatting! How's life?
  7. hikariichan
    02-10-2011 - permalink
    LOL! Maybe in the summer but I don't have anything to do O.O
    I won't be levelling or getting money lol. I'd lol. I could just add everyone to messenger =P
  8. BabySun
    01-16-2011 - permalink
    Come back to TO. We all miss you. Im so lazy nowadays. I just sit around and chat with people, and try to make money to buy fuses :P. U should come back and make a new character
  9. hikariichan
    11-24-2010 - permalink
    LOL. How's your buff doing? :P For now I'm busy with school, and I've got finals soon, how about you? I can't wait until Christmas break! :] I've totally stopped levelling, too lazy, and there's no point in getting to 300 aha.
  10. BabySun
    11-14-2010 - permalink
    Im on my new buff now. W0nderdes1re :P, im on most of the time now @_@
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