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Snow White

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  1. Arasuki
    10-12-2015 - permalink
    first the worst
    second the best!
  2. R
    10-12-2015 - permalink
    I'm a little jealous. You're only like a year older than me (I think?) and you're already married with a kid. I haven't found anyone yet, and I'm nowhere near marriage. I'll probably be on my deathbed before that happens.
  3. Joey
  4. R
    10-10-2015 - permalink
    No -- I didn't know that, either. When did you get married, and is he cute/handsome? ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

    Congratulations, though! And, yeah, I can understand that. I never talk about myself or life unless people ask. Even then, though, I'm not really inclined to.
  5. R
    10-10-2015 - permalink
    You have a daughter? Since when? (Like, I never knew.)

    I bought it when it was only a few months old, and honestly, it's always been a great console -- even back then. People exaggerate. It's never been bad. Sure, it didn't have a lot of games at first, but it does now. Especially Japanese games (lucky you). It's still behind the 3DS in terms of the overall amount of games and players, but it's far superior in quality (I own both systems). Thanks to the wonderful PSN, you also have a fairly large library of older games (PS1, PSP) to choose from, which is quite fantastic!

    The graphics are pretty much on par with the PS3. Of course, the PS3 would perform better with larger games like GTA5 (probably too big for the Vita without minimizing the graphics), but otherwise, there's honestly little to no difference. Its OLED screen is beautiful. Not the newer modal, though.. That has an LCD screen (like the 3DS) which isn't as nice.

    Yeah, I plan on it. It's coming out on the Vita on initial release, so hopefully it'll make having to release a Plus version later on moot (Plus games are Vita-only, with the exception of Rorona).
    Plus = more content and all DLC of the original game.
  6. R
  7. R
    10-09-2015 - permalink
    Aside from games? Ehh, not much. I pretty much just watch things, like anime or youtube videos.

    I live a boring life.
  8. R
    10-09-2015 - permalink
    I'm still playing the Atelier series, namely the Plus games on the PS Vita. I've been lazily trying to platinum all four of them. So far I'm done with Meruru, and I only need two trophies on Ayesha. I'm a little ways off still on Rorona and Totori.

    I'm waiting for Escha & Logy Plus, too. It should be out this year or at least by march of next year, but there hasn't been any news on it yet.

    I also play DFO for like an hour a day just to do daily quests, and then I log off because I'm too lazy to do anything else and I have no one to play with.
  9. R
    10-09-2015 - permalink
    In that case, we may as well just continue talking on here. But what can we talk about? Censorship?
  10. Avengie
    10-08-2015 - permalink
    yeah I thought so sorry!

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