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Snow White

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  1. Mega
    02-21-2014 - permalink
    You're not Ayumi anymore!
  2. Mega
    02-20-2014 - permalink
    No !
  3. Gota
    02-18-2014 - permalink
    I guess the old maplestory without all the overpoweredness that it has now.

    The party quests and zakum group boss runs were enjoyable and challenging. It was not a guarantee win so it was exciting to kill a boss together. Also the community/group/clan environment was really fun since the chat system was very good with being able to chat to all, to party, to clan, to specific person. It was easy to hold several conversations at once which most other games i've played lack. The last thing is being able to play with the market is always fun, I always enjoy the market economy of a game and usually ends up being really active in it lol

    Lunia was a close second though, the combo system was very interesting and skill oriented rather than stat oriented like most other games. Having the poses, dances and emots to play around with was a lot of fun. Raids would be similar to party quests and boss runs of MS so that was also enjoyable, in addition, the market aspect of it is enjoyable as well. (Which you probably know since I was the market mod of ML :P)

    Oh god, reading over what I just typed I feel like I was typing up a paper or speech or something ahhahhaha, sorry about that. Just had an interview done and also working on some business communications class assignments right now so thats why the tone is so weird for this post. And I'm too lazy to type it all over again hah >

    How about you? If you've not stopped PangYa is that the one you like most? Looks like a golf game? O_o
  4. Gota
    02-16-2014 - permalink
    never touched naruto, watched 1 episode of one piece and didnt really hook me. Watched bleach and continued reading the manga though for unknown reasons I've stopped reading it entirely, don't remember why lol

    I don't think those were scam e-mail since I tried to download hearthstone with the same account and it was disabled, heh.

    Just kind of playing puzzle and dragons on iphone now because its conveniently on the go and I can play it in between down time here and there. There aren't really any games out there right now that seems fun maybe waiting to see how maplestory2 turns out haha. Played MS wayyyyyyyyyyy back in the day and it was fun before all the changes they have on it now.
  5. Gota
    02-15-2014 - permalink
    yeah i know, i was wanting to play lunia again and found out it closed this year... right when i wanted to play again haha.
    I played Diablo 3 for like 2 months right when it came out, got bored of it fairly quickly. Also got e-mail from Blizzard saying my account was involved with suspicious activity like 5 months after I stopped playing it then the account got banned or locked or whatever lol Doesn't matter though since I had quit already, very weird.

    Its fairly easy to follow anime for me, its like 1 episode a day since they update on different days usually. So it doesn't feel like its a lot, not at all daunting like naruto and one piece with their episode count in the 500+ range
  6. Gota
    02-14-2014 - permalink
    Aw /hugz
    I think most of my private messages have been deleted because I had too many from my modding days.

    Anime, tons.
    Currently watching/following:
    Golden Days (I think this is one cute)
    Hajime no ippo
    Kuroko no basket 2
    HunterxHunter (the remake)
    Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.
    Gundam build fighter
    Maken-Ki 2 (fan service ftw)

    Holy... didnt realize i'm watching so much lately till I saw what I'm typing here..

    You playing any other games since lunia?
  7. Gota
    02-13-2014 - permalink
    I remember Anniie, how can i not? :P

    blame me for shana in a good way? xD
    (so hard to see what i typed, this pink text box! Grrrrr)
  8. Gota
    02-01-2014 - permalink
    I'm good and you? Hows life treating you?
  9. MsSquid
    01-31-2014 - permalink
  10. Gota
    01-31-2014 - permalink
    oooo someone else that is still active on the forum! Hello thereeee~

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