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Snow White

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  1. Gladiat
    11-18-2014 - permalink
  2. Gladiat
    11-13-2014 - permalink
    I'll probably get Valkyria Chronicles when it gets cheaper on Steam. I actually don't have enough on steam right now : < That or I'll just wait till I sell a couple Steam items. Also picked up Elsword again... for some reason but yeah I don't have that many games to suggest ;;

    MOBAs are a bit hard to get into I guess they take time to learn to play and it's a bit difficult to pick up at the start without experience in something similar. I spent a chunk of time against bots to get an overall picture of the heroes and the game before playing (reading on a couple skills helps too). I can give you some tips and pointers if you'd like.

    Terra Battle is more like PAD I guess with how units are moved, although I think Kairisei MA looks like a multiplayer Valkyrie Crusade or something like that (minus kingdom building) if you're interested (pre-registration gacha ends in 5 days too).

    I also forget about this place sometimes too actually. Unfortunately I was actually sick so I haven't been on for a few days (on the day you replied too : <). Added you on Line(ぺぺぺぺぺぺぺぺぺぺ username)
  3. Gladiat
    11-03-2014 - permalink
    I just picked up ファントムオブキル recently. Still waiting for the 2nd Million Arthur to get released. Been grinding away at the pre-registration for the 5*... but no luck : <
  4. Gladiat
    11-01-2014 - permalink
    For PC games I've only been really playing Dota 2 and occasionally playing single player games on Steam, but I recently started playing a couple of games on my phone (Dragon Poker, MonStrike and Terra Battle. Quit Valkyrie Crusade though since I capped out)

    I'm considering picking up a new MMO though but not that many seem appealing right now. Any suggestions?

    Oh and do you use Line or Skype?
  5. Gladiat
    10-21-2014 - permalink
    i've been banana.

    lying in my bed all day weekends not moving an inch lol

    how've you been? it's been almost 2-3 years since we talked to each other or so?
  6. Gladiat
    10-20-2014 - permalink
    banana .
  7. Joey
    09-20-2014 - permalink
    Am good. Obviously I'm still here but I don't post much at all. This ghost-town has essentially become a location for Mega to spam shit about upcoming games. I play Final Fantasy XIV now, and it's fantastic *_* Ummm...

    Other than that, I've got a new job working for the government. It's nothing fun but it gets benefits so I can't complain. How are you?
  8. Light
    09-20-2014 - permalink
    Paul pays several hundred dollars a month for this server to run. He overspends because he demands high speeds like a company server would. It would have helped if he didn't do that, but I have no desire to buy the server.

    If anything, I'd just buy the forum data to preserve the posts and thread histories for reference. Then if anyone wanted to put funds upfront for the server, I could have the forum data on hand for them. However we won't ever garner the same audience we ever had. Not without someone spending full time effort on this.

    Also, nostalgia never makes things ultimately better. If MyLunia was reborn today, it would hardly live up to the bubbly reputation you gave it in the past. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed my time on MyLunia; MyMMOgames was ultimately the better managed, and well developed server. This is especially true if you knew the nightmare of what staff went through on MyLunia... which we're ironically facing right now with Paul/Metal.
  9. Light
    09-19-2014 - permalink
    It doesn't take a lot of time out of my day to come here to post a few things now and then.
    Besides, I'll remain here until Paul no longer pays the bills.
  10. R
    04-28-2014 - permalink
    That's so sad.

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