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  1. Renard
    05-01-2009 - permalink
    Im in...Daybrea/ ~*Tangering~Attack*~
  2. Aria
    04-29-2009 - permalink
    Yesh, Retribution is like the "new" Caballa now, whilst a few people (GoF, Res, Sammie?) are still in the original Caballa, for complicated reasons. My bunny's in Retri, my lion's joined too, but my sheep and dragon are in GoW now, along with my nub priest. My other sheepy is totally useless after a certain someone killed off all her equips >_> and I deleted my cat recently to make a new mage on that account, so yeah .-.

    Well drama is never worth seeing unless you actually enjoy it xD TO is rarely without drama x_x I've seen people start drama over the stupidest shit D:

    I dont know, but I guess it'll just be a regular Sense type acc? D: A perma pouch would be.. mind blowing x_x Sense types dont really need more WT with their natural 4 in sense xD Powers and Charms need it more D: but that'd be really hax.. I decided to get a few fox boxes after all, but I probably wont be able to complete the set :/
  3. Mikaze
    04-29-2009 - permalink
    wat. no u.

    also. do not want 19 next tuesday.
  4. Renard
    04-29-2009 - permalink
    Buff mostly, raccoon kinda died atm.
  5. Mukumuku
    04-27-2009 - permalink
    Ash, get on MSN, i need help on finding some source for chinese off-line games D: like fighting dojins
  6. Aria
    04-27-2009 - permalink
    Oh dear x.x Well it sounds like you will ace them xD Cant wait to have you back on TO~

    I havent bought fox boxes yet, almost wanted to skip them cause there wasnt really anything I needed but I think I might on my next recharge, so my lion can have some new AC/DA equips :3 Theres been a lot of pvp drama and the usual lately, but still fun x.x Caballa died a few weeks ago :/
  7. Renard
    04-26-2009 - permalink
    Haha, its still good, my hp is only 60k+ max tho. I should have got kitty stuffs. =[
  8. Esper
    04-25-2009 - permalink

    So stupid though. I grinded for 2 weeks to get to 29x and then all of the sudden they revo Snow Mine to give hax exp up to 321. It's so full of people trying to grind there because of the fast spawn/good exp. [ I think there is always one or two wind mages casting whirlwind there though. >.> ]

    Yea. We got rank 8 currently but our guild is getting filled with like 3x characters for each person. x.x
  9. Esper
    04-25-2009 - permalink

    I hunted all those Orconio Plaster Statue/ Orpeo Plaster Statue a long time ago thinking they were normal quests...until they revoed it and put it as a key quest, so I'm doing the key quests. So much to do. x.x
  10. Renard
    04-25-2009 - permalink
    Well...Raccoon 220 and buff 214, im lazy. ._.

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