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  1. Kasumi
    03-04-2009 - permalink
    I hope so ;o; Our teacher was in a bad mood today, wasn't able to chat till I was done with everything x_x *bites* T_T
  2. Melica
    03-04-2009 - permalink
    you`re SO NOT special, kay?

    you smell of pooh wrapper...

    you got msn? ;o
  3. Aria
    03-04-2009 - permalink
    Yeah, I am aware its just commercial and manufactured xD I think thats the whole point of the group anyway x.x still cute and upbeat though, which I like in music sometimes.. if I want a meaningful song, I look somewhere else but most of the time, I can relax/dance to stuff like this :3

    I need to practise my french more than anything else x__X and lol, basic chinese will do, I dont even know the basics xD is your email the same as your msn then o.o? I added you like 2 days ago, and it still shows me your email on the contact list instead of your display name (that usually means the other person hasnt added you back), plus I havent seen you online at all so I assume you didnt really add me back yet T__T

    There are a couple of good songs on the album o.o I got the first one and the mini one actually.. need to get you on msn first xD
  4. Aria
    03-03-2009 - permalink
    Gee is really addictive lol D: can't stop listening to it o_<
  5. Kasumi
    03-03-2009 - permalink
    Boo Ashy T_T Sorry about earlier, but our teacher was talking 4 1/2hours NON STOP >___> I saw your message, but I wasn't able to answer, gomen Q_Q
  6. Melica
    03-03-2009 - permalink

    lalalaa /look around innocently

    eh, wat u on about? wat pron.. lalala
  7. Aria
    03-03-2009 - permalink
    But you can at least get by with conversational stuff x.x I can only say nihao.. :x
    Teach me chinese and french 8D yeah, my reading and writing suck too.

    Oh btw, I added you on my other msn account o_o dunno if you got the add, but I havent seen you online today yet x__x I assume you're still using the same address..

    Ive heard of SNSD but not any of their songs until now o.o its really catchy. Think I might download an album or two and try them out :3
  8. Aria
    03-03-2009 - permalink
    Both seem ok for American taste to me x.x

    Maybe, but that'd have to wait until graduation and even then I'd have to save up money for a trip somewhere :/ Finances arent so great atm.

    As long as you can come on msn for a bit o.o? And I guess that means your mandarin is really fluent <:
  9. Melica
    03-02-2009 - permalink
    what you mean? july? why not now? xD


    you like porn=alot of pedoness/pervness
  10. Aria
    03-02-2009 - permalink
    Wow I love this version o_o never seen it though D: I saw the Asia promotional one and that had a lot of special effects in it ._. But yeah it's very J-Lo ish xD I like the dance for this song anyways, so I think the US one shows her dancing a bit better :/ even though the other one is better made imo.

    So are you back in France now? o.o You live in Nice right? My memory sucks Q___Q sorry D:

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