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Conversation Between Ascherit and moffit
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  1. moffit
    12-06-2008 - permalink
    It was Major. x3 Now if only we had the option to hide or move the bar with Send Message/Hide User Customizations.
  2. moffit
    12-05-2008 - permalink
    Thanks for the help, I'll try fiddling more later. <3
  3. Ascherit
    12-05-2008 - permalink
    i think it's minor
  4. moffit
    12-05-2008 - permalink
    Which content areas are where the tabs are? Major and Minor Block Headers?
  5. Ascherit
    12-05-2008 - permalink
    i used lots of pixel measuring in order to get the tabs appear as if it's transparent through the background (also for the avatar to be like that)

    1) screenshot your entire profile (just the top left part will do)
    2) open it in image editing program (photoshop preferred)
    3) using the rectangle tool, select the entire tabbed part like so: (width depends on how wide your bg is) (also make sure to include the border)
    4) open your original bg
    5) copy your bg onto the original screenshot and set its opacity to 50% (it should be on another layer)
    6) move the copy until it entirely overlaps your original bg
    7) go to select > reselect so the tabbed part is reselected
    8) press ctrl+shift+i to inverse the selction and delete the surrounded bits of the bg copy (set opacity back to 100% and ctrl+shift+ i again after doing this)
    9) copy tab layer > new > paste
    10) save and upload tab picture to the part of the profile code for tabs

    and that's pretty much how i did it (you can do this for the profile picture, too)

    i don't think there's a way to do that for the main boxes yet, though... (like where the comments go and etc)
  6. moffit
    12-05-2008 - permalink
    Can you do a tutorial for how to get this style, especially where the tabs have the picture carried over? And do you know if there's a way to make things actually 'clear' so that they show the background through them?
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