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  1. Kirasf
    07-28-2010 - permalink
    damit, damn you fuunsaiki, at least make it master gundam cuz i no has god =(

    sigh......meteor QQ but still, crossbone is awesome, im more excited bout new engine than anything and i have a bad feeling bout the 6 on 6 thing.....

    all rock update, GG.
  2. Kirasf
    07-14-2010 - permalink
    indeed its not fun without us loling at him being arab, and wtf at certain random ones =.= screw it, ill just keep the ones i have and pray.

    Why do YOU care about meteor? >.> and just keep the obvious suits of strike and co. and just destroy the rest of the c and b useless ones..

    Destiny/dshc ? hmm maybe its the account that lets you pwn people and not that i actually know how to play o.o;; dammit Zarata account, you've made me live a lie!!!!! QQQ

    Btw last update was 18th of june, its way past the update time now....maybe its true that the update will be on august 1st =.= how does it feel to be zerging the whole time? you play S ranks more now eh? too late imo since im outta town

  3. Kirasf
    07-13-2010 - permalink
    lawlz gtman freezing, so now you resort to taking use of people who are accused of being arabs huh? what a jew!! Also youre not a slave youre a friendly ghost ..... =)? and i think flag has second skill only.

    Ya destiny is awesome and so versatile but you can always leave it for later, then again IJ needs sword impulse and hence thats your cue to make IJ/Destiny.

    Dont like V eh? then you should rather just stick with suits that you like rather than overpowered suits but justice taking on IJ's and dshc's? that i gotta see tbh >.>, and i rarely went in r mode on justice as well, cept in certain situations like a trade shoot off between whole team.
  4. Kirasf
    07-13-2010 - permalink
    dooood, check for me if i have a 00 C rank for the event thingy, and check if i have a b 00 to custom 1 and get the c rank :P
  5. Kirasf
    07-12-2010 - permalink
    youcleared the re-gz mission with us no? but ya it tottaly wasnt worth all that effort but i guess it needs some ocing to judge it, meh.

    indeed back to back 00 updates with nop worthy 00 S ranks is just '......' also i bet youre having loads of random cussing when you try to swsitch to r mode and beam spec but miss cause of lag and enemy escaping ages ago :P

    No, dont fool yourself FOOL, I PITY THE FOOL!!! justice is crap, utter crap and nothing but crap, its got slow as.s melee and boomerangs cant even compare to destiny or IJ's cause its huge and slow curve and its r mode is so fail cause it has no V youre gona make IJ i presume? and what happened to your AR duel? got better at quick snipe yet? what about V2A its quite good and kinda your playing style of not rushing >.>
  6. Kirasf
    07-12-2010 - permalink
    Oh ill join alright, litteraly o.o;

    But still you got time cause by time they announce till actual release, you can earn enuf moneh.

    Now that i think about it, SF was released in feb which means they might delay meteor till august? =.=
  7. Kirasf
    07-12-2010 - permalink
    ......hate you
  8. Kirasf
    07-12-2010 - permalink
    lol ***, what did you buy with the money you earned anyway? and the patch sure is taking its long ass time to come up :/
  9. Kirasf
    07-11-2010 - permalink
    yoz, more sdgo now? irony? but meh anyway whos rudwns? that random korean dude in our clan? and whats his sources? you are liezor to me so i come back on tommrows flight

    but anyway, im supposedly comin back sooner than expected, just waiting for some retirement papers of my parents to be finished then ill be back which shouldnt take long.
  10. Kirasf
    07-11-2010 - permalink
    fack you and fack dusk and fack ms, also i tried to play DFO but its a racist game and only US, canada ppl ;/ whars mah meteor??

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