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  1. Aden
    08-19-2010 - permalink
    And... not accepted yet... still applying... and then interviews... and then waiting waiting and more waiting with fingers crossed `-`
  2. Aden
    08-19-2010 - permalink
    lol sounds like a standard mage! mana shield and all!
    and stamina... ~_~ I hate stamina lol... so horrible.
    and i see she's using a weird hammer....
  3. Aden
    08-19-2010 - permalink
    500 mil is still alot... dg +0s sell at around 110-150m or so... and _0 nix has died in price.. its like 65-95m now...
  4. Aden
    08-18-2010 - permalink
    And the 7 tests are actually supplemental applications... i.e. worse than test imo b/c you have to create coherent essay responses about your personage... basically paint them a picture of who you are, what your interests are, and why you are pursuing a medical education `-`
  5. Aden
    08-18-2010 - permalink
    And that picture you linked for Evy me broke or something b/c I only got the photobucket generic homepage...

    And healer mage! Sounds so OP! I bet that the class would be super squishy to compensate for having heals + atk... or... it's atk skills will be weak/long cd/mana intensive so you have to choose btwn healing or atk.
  6. Aden
    08-18-2010 - permalink
    omg the head forum guy posted on my wall...
    I feel stalked or is it loved? is there even a that big of a difference? hahaha

    A house on AO costs 500m ~_~ It makes me sad... but you can get bonuses for sleeping in your house and u can pretty much have a farm or forest and mercs do some crafting for you
  7. Aden
    08-18-2010 - permalink
    and what char is it you like so much in mabi-heroes anyway? is it a healing class again? ?

    (PS ggFTW Forum coding: FK U CHARACTER LIMIT!!)
  8. Aden
    08-18-2010 - permalink
    and yeah Troy finally got implemented the AO folder is 2.2gb now (WTF?!) We're probably going to sell/disband our guild soon... but problem is the logistics of it and whether ppl even buy guilds anymore...
  9. Aden
    08-18-2010 - permalink
    Lol that's much better! I've been ok... just drowning in supplemental applications to med school. (i'm nearing the END!!! only 7 more to go!)
  10. Aden
    08-17-2010 - permalink
    wut u visit my profile and you don't even say hi?
    /hurt T__T

    that aside... how have you been? I heard what you are playing now
    from akii but thats it!

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