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Loong - The Power of the Dragon
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  1. Aden
    08-22-2010 - permalink
    i hope vindictus gets a ranged class cuz i highly doubt i can manage being a melee or a mage with my shitty pc `-`
  2. Aden
    08-22-2010 - permalink
    well u need 3-4 melee to protect ur squishies, then 1 or two chars with heal, and finally, rest are ranged (need like 1 cannon so u can do splash dmg to groups).
    prophet's passive only heals melee (doesnt buff atk)
  3. Aden
    08-21-2010 - permalink
    lol it looked like u pretty much solo'ed that boss and everyone else was jst getting owned
  4. Aden
    08-21-2010 - permalink
    So in summary, magic unit = squishy as fk, but skills have long range. Ranged = med squishiness, and wide atk range (but can't atk stuff directly adjacent to them). Melee = highest durability b/c of guarding but shitty atk range (1 cell away in x- y-axis)
  5. Aden
    08-21-2010 - permalink
    staves have it pretty good imo, their skills have longer range than my bow main, but the cd still applies... so it takes 4 turns to be able to cast flame blow. a unit's AP doesnt matter so viking can pretty much atk every turn. and after u use flameblow u can move around next turn.
  6. Aden
    08-21-2010 - permalink
    The only unit that can guard are the melees. and if a unit dies, using a heal skill on their corpse = resurrection (it's pretty nice). magic atks are pretty strong in tbs too.. esp that trashwitch meteor `-`
  7. Aden
    08-21-2010 - permalink
    fuktard quit. prophex now runs godsent. VIETSUNSHINE is still there, but iono don't think thanatos is particularly strong anymore. TBS is different. If i had to compare it to something it's a bit like FF tactics in that ur mercs have a movement range, attack type, and merc specific skills.
  8. Aden
    08-21-2010 - permalink
    and at the 1:15 mark in that vid... looks like the boss farted a huge black cloud in ur face haha
    and I don't think u ran a lot... maybe ran a little too far, but better than getting hit... that thing looks like it hurts!!
    PS who r the other ppl who were getting mowed down at the start?
  9. Aden
    08-21-2010 - permalink
    uhh I think they nerfed the drop rate of eq boxes in Inds again... but tbs and skirmish = amazing exp. it's just a bit more challenging than normal fights (u get a lot more exp too). I think it's kind of like colosseum league in that there are modifiers so that +10 weaps aren't significantly better than +0 weaps.
  10. Aden
    08-20-2010 - permalink
    Blessing lic 30day = 385-450m it varies a lot...
    +10 nix I have no idea what they're worth... probably a couple bil? not sure...
    Freezing I dont even bother with since I just use Darkest Night and Ind weaps cuz I'm cheap and lazy...
    and its my 2nd time applying

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