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Conversation Between AlphaXAbsolution and Lala
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  1. AlphaXAbsolution
    o-o 10x worse D:<?! That's mean :<
    Anyway do you still play Trickster o.o?
  2. Lala
    09-27-2012 - permalink
    *With what you know to be my personality. I haven't talked to you in forever and ever. I'm quite different than what you probably remember me to be lol. But yes! Call me if you get in trouble and I'll try to make sure it ends up 10x worse for you :]
  3. AlphaXAbsolution
    lol o.o Can't imagine you doing business or law with your personality BUT I'll make sure to hire you if I ever get in trouble :3
  4. Lala
    09-27-2012 - permalink
    Ugh.. science.

    I'm in school right now for business, but I don't like it lol. So after I'm done these last couple of semesters I'm switching into law.

    Good money I hear 8D

  5. AlphaXAbsolution
    :< Darn.
    Getting a PhD in Astronomy. My god there is so much physics involve D:.
    What about you, your the same age as me so you should be in college >o>.
  6. Lala
    09-26-2012 - permalink
    Are you implying that you want me to stop harassing you?! Parish the thought, since it won't happen.

    And whoa! For what?! That's really good!
  7. AlphaXAbsolution
    :< Stop harassing me.
    Life is good I suppose. Still in college getting a PhD :>.
  8. Lala
    09-25-2012 - permalink
    Hello there! I saw you posting around on these forums and was like "Omgosh you!"
    So I came to harass you here 8D

    I'm good! You? How goes life?
  9. AlphaXAbsolution
    o.o What?
    Anyway HI . How's it been?
  10. Lala
    09-25-2012 - permalink

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